[unpacking evaluation] selected in 2021! Roland td-1kpx2 td1kpx2 folding double pedal electronic drum

[open box evaluation] selected in 2021! Roland td-1kpx td1kpx all network folding electronic drum

(reservation) 2017 latest Roland td-1kpx2 full screen folding two foot electronic drum premium Kit

TD-1KPX2 Premium Kit


The following accessories are included

1. TAMAHp200ptw double kick

two MES T200 drum chair

three Drum stick

(reservation) 2017 latest Roland td-1kpx2 full screen folding two foot electronic drum premium Kit


Real sense of attack, excellent portability, drum double step compatibility

Td-1kpx2 has the same innovative and highly praised folding design as td-1kpx portable set drum, and it is also equipped with a more upgraded big drum striking board. The small drum and middle drum use Roland's famous mesh v-pad to provide an inspiring striking experience, with natural rebound, striking feeling and performance. The big drum striking board is now more perfect, with a wider striking surface for you to choose from Double step or single step. Td-1kpx2 has a unique folding design. It can be folded quickly without taking down the striking board and cymbals. Although it is small and light, the drum stand is as stable as a rock, and can cope with any performance style. It is fast and simple to set up. You can play td-1kpx2 wherever you go, no matter at home, live performance or in the training room As long as you join the big drum double step or single step, you can play the drum to your heart's content!

  • Formal V-Drums performance expressive, compact and easy to collect design, your stage is everywhere
  • The innovative folding drum frame is equipped with a built-in drum striking plate, which can be folded easily without removing the striking plate or cymbal
  • Roland's well-known mesh v-pad is used in the small drum and all the middle drums to provide excellent percussion and natural response
  • The more upgraded drum strike board has a wider strike surface, which can support the setting of traditional drum double step
  • Built in high quality voice from top V-Drums
  • Built in simple and practical practice function, can exercise your drum skills


  • Simple erection and fast folding

    Durable, strong and easy to set up, td-1kpx2's innovative folding drum rack can store all kinds of storage space or take a tour. As long as you fold part of the drum rack and strike plate, you can reduce the drum set to a smaller size and easily place it in the corner of the room. Complete folding drum set can reduce the volume even more, so that the drum set can be put into a special carrying bag *, so that you can do storage or drop more forcefully It's easy to set up td-1kpx2. You only need a special drum lock to get ready for playing. Just unfold the drum set, lift the whole drum frame and strike plate, and install the traditional drum pedal (this machine is not included), then you can start playing.

    *Cb-tdp carrying bag needs to be purchased separately.

  • The real striking board and cymbal

    Although td-1kpx2's striking board and cymbal are small in size, their performance is not reduced at all. The 8-inch pdx-8 and 6.5-inch pdx-6 mesh drum face v-pad have Roland's amazing double pickup technology, which can produce accurate and average induction on the drum face and the drum edge. The pdx-8 small drum striking board extends the striking board's quality to 10 mm Cymbal and hi hat adopt CY-5 cymbal striking board to provide 10 inch playing area and natural shaking action, so that drummers can experience more accurate pickup and excellent playing feeling. Cymbal striking board also has independent cymbal face and cymbal edge pickup, and supports choke playing method to provide more realistic performance. At the same time, hi hat opening and closing provides smooth tone change Td-1kpx2's most remarkable feature is that it can play double drum steps. This is because the drum strike board is wider and can accommodate two drumsticks side by side, so it can match the traditional double drum steps.


The built-in practice function gives you the power to practice drum

  • Td-1kpx2 sound source has many built-in functions to stimulate your drum practice, whether you are self-learning, learning from the teacher, or just want to practice skills to maintain your strength. You can take this set of drums as your exclusive drum teacher and personal accompaniment orchestra. It is equipped with many auxiliary learning functions to exercise your drum skills, enhance motivation, and let you enjoy a good time of practice. Follow the built-in metronome Drumming together can cultivate your accurate sense of rhythm. Coach mode can exercise your stable speed, endurance and accuracy. Drumming together with the built-in music of the drum source can warm you up for your performance or rehearsal, or connect your smart phone or music player to mix With the built-in recording function, you can check your progress at any time.


  • With a standard USB cable, you can record on your computer

    Td-1kpx2 is not only a fun set of drums, but also an excellent instrument for making computer music. With built-in usb-midi interface, you can easily connect with music software through a USB cable. Maybe you can transfer your performance to computer recording software to capture the feeling of live drum playing in your latest creation. Or you can use the optional DT-1 V-Drums Tutor software, learn basic drum skills.

  • Create a quieter set of drums

    The most important requirement for drummers to practice big drum at home is quiet. Td-1kpx2 small drum rain drum adopts low-noise mesh drum face and super quiet fd-9 Hi hat control pedal. Replace your traditional drum pedal with the optional kt-9 hammerless drum pedal, which can avoid the vibration and noise caused by the continuous "bang bang" sound of the drumstick. Use the earphone to create a quiet drum set that you can practice at night!

  • A variety of optional equipment

    Td-1kpx2 has many other optional equipment to improve the performance effect. Pm-03 personal drum monitor amplifier with 2.1 channel speakers is the best choice for family drum training. For beginners, dap-3x The V-Drums Accessory Pack makes you ready to enjoy td-1kpx2 immediately, including a pair of hickory drum sticks, a traditional drum pedal and a drum chair. The original tdm-3 carpet specially designed for portable V-Drums can reduce the vibration transmitted by the floor and avoid damage to the floor surface. The cb-tdp carrying bag makes it easier for you to carry and protect td-1kpx2.

Drum set configuration
Big drum beating board, small drum (pdx-8), hi hat (CY-5), hi hat pedal (fd-9), Tom x 3 (pdx-6), crash (CY-5), ride (CY-5), drum rack (mds-tdkp2)
*No big drum pedal and drum chair.
Drum group
Coach function
Time check (simple)
Time check
Auto Up/Down
Quiet Count
Tempo check (simple)
Tempo check (difficult)
Stroke Balance
sound recording
Number of songs
Speed (40 – 260)
Rhythm (5 kinds)
Timbre number (8)
Volume (10 segments)
7 segments,3 characters(LED)
Connection terminal
Output / phones connector: stereo mini headset
Mix in connector: stereo mini headset
USB computer port: USB B type
Trigger input connection terminal: db-25 type (kick, snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, hi hat, crash 1, ride, hi hat control)
USB MIDI (transfer only)
Power supply
AC transformer
electric current
150 mA
Erection guidance
User manual
File "using the unit safe"
AC transformer
Special connecting wire
Drum source rack
Strike plate bracket x 4
Optional equipment
Drum: kd-9, kt-9, kt-10
Personal drum monitor speaker: pm-03, PM-10
V-Drums Accessory Kit: dap-3x
Original carpet series: drums
Size (including drum pedal, cymbal and drum chair)
39-3/8 inches
1,200 mm
47-1/4 inches
1,250 mm
49-1/4 inches
Size (when folding)
415 mm
16-3/8 inches
610 mm
24-1/16 inches
750 mm
29-1/16 inches
14.9 kg
32 lbs 14 oz

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