2021 Roland dp-603 (new version of dp90e) digital piano with wooden keys


The first batch arrived at the Mong Kok head office of Feiteng music center


Dp-603 CBS black

2018最新Roland DP-603木製鍵數碼鋼琴DIGITAL PIANO

Dp-603 NBS wood color

2018最新Roland DP-603木製鍵數碼鋼琴DIGITAL PIANO

Dp-603 PES black piano

2018最新Roland DP-603木製鍵數碼鋼琴DIGITAL PIANO

Dp-603 PWS white piano

2018最新Roland DP-603木製鍵數碼鋼琴DIGITAL PIANO


The price includes piano, chair, earphone, and delivery.

Price included Piano Bench,Headset and Shipping.

  • Slim and fashionable body, perfect interpretation of modern home space

  • With the latest supernatural piano modeling sound source module technology, it can express richer and more delicate platform piano sound

  • Equipped with newPHA-50Progressive hammering keyboard with escapement mechanism, combined withWooden keysAnd the durability of touch and plastic materials, bring realistic platform piano touch

  • Earphone 3D sound field technology enables you to listen to natural and real stereo sound when you wear earphone for personal practice

  • Bluetooth® Bluetooth wireless online function, can connect the smart phone and tablet, use app, and play music files from the piano speaker

  • You can enter a diversified App World, including Roland's piano partner 2, to add motivation and fun to your daily practice

  • Three colors match your home style perfectly: Classic mirror black, elegant mirror white, or modern black

  • Perfect integration of modern home style of fashion piano

    Roland dp603 has a unique design in the market. It is ultra-thin and fashionable, and the line style. The body design keeps a very simple curve. When the keyboard cover is opened, it becomes a beautiful music stand, and when it is closed, it has a safe descent mechanism action. Although it is only 35 cm deep, dp603 has the consistent durable quality of DP series which has been highly praised since 2003.

  • The response of supernatural piano modeling piano module sound source and pha-50 keyboard makes you enjoy your music

    Roland dp603 has both fashion and connotation. It combines minimalist appearance with heavyweight technology, making it a dream instrument. This latest digital piano carries the same sound source of Roland's flagship LX / HP model, and you will be able to listen to supernatural piano Modeling perfectly reproduces the full sound and dynamic response of the traditional platform piano. There is also an exciting new pha-50 keyboard, which combines the advantages of wood and molding materials, and plays like traditional Ivory material, so you don't need to worry about maintenance.

  • The powerful loudspeaker system makes music fly in every corner of the house

    Dp603's built-in speaker system projects warm, surround sound, and can control the volume, so that you can adjust the volume according to the situation. This new piano can even be used as your wireless Bluetooth speaker, so that you don't need to buy additional audio system to make your home space messy. With wireless Bluetooth Technology, Roland can be easily replaced Dp603 is connected with your smart phone or tablet to play your favorite songs through the built-in speaker. You can also play along with the music!

  • Use built-in auxiliary tools and wireless online piano app to make learning progress by leaps and bounds

    Piano learning may feel lonely, but Roland Dp603 will accompany you all the way. Built in 300 songs allow you to play together, so that learning progress. You can use the built-in metronome at any time to keep your pace, and the built-in recorder allows you to evaluate your progress at any time. USB playback / storage function allows you to expand your practice tracks, and allows you to retain your own performance, twin Piano dual piano mode allows teachers and students to play together in the same range. Also, don't forget to learn the powerful app software - connect your iPad or Android Tablet through Bluetooth MIDI or USB cable. You can use many well-known app worlds and many online learning videos. You can choose Roland's piano partner for free 2 step out your first step, this app can display the five line score of dp603 built-in music on your flat screen.

Perfect interpretation of modern home space exquisite style of thin fashion digital piano

When you finally create your perfect dream home, you don't want an old and unsightly piano to destroy the overall sense of design. Roland dp603, a new digital piano with fashionable body and minimalist design, can perfectly integrate into your modern home space. The attraction of dp603 is not only in appearance, but also equipped with Roland's latest supernatural piano Modeling super real piano module sound source, showing full and realistic sound, and pha-50 keyboard has a very expressive sense of playing. With a variety of built-in auxiliary functions, you can wirelessly connect your tablet or smart phone, play Bluetooth audio, and use the latest app online. Perfect combination of classical piano timbre and modern design, Roland Dp603 is the perfect choice for modern pianists.


Sound source
Piano sound
Super natural piano modeling
Maximum number of simultaneous sounds
Piano: Infinity
Others: 384
Built in voice
Total 307 timbres
Pha-50 keyboard: mixed structure of wood and plastic, with escape mechanism and ebony / Ivory texture (88 keys)
Continuous tone pedal (with continuous detection of stepping action)
Soft pedal (with continuous detection)
Partial tone pedal (self setting function)
Horn System
12 cm (4-3 / 4 inch) x 2
Rated output power
30 W x 2
Volume level (SPL)
108 dB (measured according to Roland's technical standards.)
Effector: headset 3D ambience
Tuning, vocalization
Touch key strength
Touch key strength: 100 kinds, fixed strength
Standard pitch tuning
415.3 – 466.2 Hz (adjusted in 0.1 Hz)
Classical tonal law
There are 10 kinds (equal, just major, just minor, Pythagorean, kirnberger I, kirnberger II, kirnberger III, meantone, werckmeister, Arabic) with optional tonic
Piano Designer (piano timbre design)
Lid adjustment
Key off noise
Hammer noise
Duplex Scale
Full scale string resonance
Damper resonance
Key off resonance
Piano resonance
Soundboard type
Damper noise
Single note tuning
Single note volume
Single note character
Built in music
Number of songs
353 songs in total
Data playback
Playback format
Standard MIDI file (format 0, 1)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear format, USB portable disk required)
recording format
Standard MIDI file (format 0, 3 voice parts, up to 70000 notes)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit linear format, USB portable disk required)
Audio News
Bluetooth ver 3.0 (supporting scms-t content protection)
MIDI, music page: Bluetooth ver 4.0
Other functions
Other functions
Metronome (adjustable speed / time sign / weak beat / beat style / volume / timbre)
Registration settings
Twin piano mode (with independent mode)
To modulate (a semitone)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function
Volume limit function
Panel lock
Automatic shutdown
Graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots
Connection terminal
DC in connector
Input port: stereo mini headset
Output (L / mono, R) port: 1 / 4 inch earphone
USB Computer port: USB B type
USB Memory port: USB A type
Earphone connector x 2: stereo mini earphone, stereo 1 / 4 inch earphone
Power supply
AC transformer
Electricity consumption
9 W
User manual
Roland Classical Piano Masterpieces score
Roland piano array collections "let's enjoy piano" score
AC transformer
power cord
Headphone hook
Wire clamp
Optional equipment (to be purchased separately)
USB drive ('1')
We cannot guarantee that all commercially available USB drives will be available.
Size and weight (including piano scaffolding, cover closed)
1,398 mm
55-1/16 inches
Deep h
311 mm
12-1/4 inches
783 mm
30-13/16 inches
Weight (including piano scaffolding)
DP603-CB: 45.9 kg
DP603-PE: 47.0 kg
DP603-PW: 47.8 kg
Size and weight (including piano scaffolding, cover open)
1,398 mm
55-1/16 inches
377 mm
14-13/16 inches
975 mm
38-3/8 inches
The measuring range includes a stabilizer that has been installed.
Weight (including piano scaffolding)
DP603-CB: 45.9 kg
DP603-PE: 47.0 kg
DP603-PW: 47.8 kg

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