[Review and Comparison] Comparison between Roland F140R Digital Piano and F130R

Roland released the latest 2016 f140r, many students will ask, the difference between the two, Roland F140r vs F130r.

Roland F140r is an upgraded and improved version of Roland F130r,

The main differences are as follows:

1. The Roland F-140R has added the Bluetooth function , which can directly connect to IPAD / IPHONE, etc. There is no need to purchase the WIFI Share finger of WNA-2200.

2. Roland F-140R has improved the speaker design . The F130R speaker is 12cm x 8cm, which is a round design, while the F140R is improved to 12cm x 12cm, which is a perfect design, making the output sound more warm and comprehensive.

roland F140r

Roland F140r is in stock at Fei Teng Music Centre - Mong Kok store.

Original price $14880, special price $10,880 . Comes with free piano chair, original headphones

Like the F-130R, this model is also available in black and white:

The Roland F-140R features a space-saving design, sleek looks, and powerful Roland technology that integrates the performance of a high-end piano into your modern lifestyle. Roland's famous sound quality and keyboard touch will make your fingers feel the lifelike sound and touch of a traditional grand piano, and the compact body makes this instrument more suitable for modern apartments or residential spaces in small buildings. The built-in stereo speaker system provides full and rich sound, making practice and entertainment more enjoyable. The unique Headphones 3D Ambience headset 3D surround effect allows you to immerse yourself in the wonderfulness when you wear headphones for private practice. The experience of sound lingering in the ear.

  • Roland's leading piano-making technology in a sleek, compact body
  • SuperNATURAL Piano piano tone generator, conveying rich, authentic grand piano sound
  • The new F140 PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard, with delicate sensing performance, can give full play to the expressive power of SuperNATURAL Piano piano sound source
  • Built-in rhythm with smart accompaniment; 72 different rhythms, including 6 pianist piano styles
  • In addition to the traditional Roland F130 piano sounds, there are a total of 305 sounds, including electric pianos, strings, organs, guitars, brass, synthesizers, and more.
  • Play along with your favorite songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the free downloadable Roland F-130r and F-140 Air Performer apps
  • Learn to play, listen, and read music with the free, downloadable Piano Partner app for iPad
  • Headphones 3D Ambience provides you with a multi-faceted stereo sound experience while practicing with headphones
  • Connect to a USB flash drive, play along with WAV/SMF songs, and store your recordings with the built-in recorder
  • Built-in USB Computer port allows you to use the F-140R with music software on a Mac or Windows computer
  • Other useful built-in features include volume limiting and independent volume adjustment for speakers and headphones
  • Available in white and modern black

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