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Roland's latest HP-603 / HP-605 are replacements for HP-604 / HP-605.

Roland HP603 $17,980

Roland HP605 $21,980

2016 Newest Roland HP605 Digital Piano

Since 1972, Roland has been committed to the development and production of the highest quality pianos, and our new HP series pianos are the most carefully completed masterpieces. The HP series of digital pianos is ideal for you to enjoy the ultimate sound and performance of a concert hall-grade grand piano at home, with carefully crafted shapes, colors and speaker systems. The HP603's sound source is equipped with the latest SuperNATURAL Piano module technology, equipped with a unique PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and molded materials, with excellent playability and durability. Although the HP603 has a small, classically shaped body, it has a rich and full sound that will bring you endless satisfaction.
2016 Newest Roland HP603 Digital Piano
  • Use the latest SuperNATURAL Piano sound module technology to replace the general sampling technology, which can express a richer and more detailed piano sound
  • Headphone 3D sound field technology, when you practice with headphones, you can listen to the natural and real stereo sound like a piano body.
  • Equipped with the new PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, combining the look and feel of wood with the durability of new plastics
  • Using Bluetooth technology, it can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone or tablet device, allowing you to wirelessly control the app's sheet music page turn
  • In addition to the piano voice, there are a large number of voices such as strings, brass, organ and many other instruments.
  • Built-in 25 memory spaces can store your favorite tone settings, including double sound settings and split key settings, you can save the entire group of memories on a USB flash drive
  • Solid piano body, compact and space-saving design
  • rosewood with white exterior

SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling piano sound source, showing the sound of vitality

Play a key on a regular digital piano and you will hear the recorded sound of the piano notes. But the SuperNATURAL Piano sound generator works completely differently, using the latest modeling technology to reproduce sounds rather than replay them. This unique modeling technology fully simulates the sound of a traditional piano, including how many combinations of notes are played simultaneously, how they resonate and how they interact with the other elements of the piano. The result is a rich, complex sound with a variety of harmonic components, and your playing technique can truly reflect the timbre changes that a digital piano with traditional sampling techniques can't achieve. There is a completely different real feeling to actually being there and listening to a recorded sound.

Practice with headphones and enjoy the ultimate grand piano sound experience

One of the many advantages of a digital piano is the ability to practice silently with headphones. However, when using headphones, some digital pianos only switch the sound from the speakers to the headphones. Doing so would be a missed opportunity for premium headphones to showcase their exceptional clarity and sonic detail. Roland pianos use the Headphones 3D Ambience effect, which makes the sound appear in a three-dimensional sound field as if streaming from the body of the piano. Let you enjoy a beautiful sound experience when you play the piano with headphones for a long time, no matter day or night.

A new keyboard with a mix of wood and plastic

The wooden keys of a traditional piano are not only visually appealing, they also feel solid and solid when played. But since wooden keys require regular maintenance to maintain their optimum condition, an all-wood keyboard is not ideal for digital pianos. The HP603 features a new keyboard mechanism that combines the best of both worlds with a mix of wood and plastic materials; beautiful wood brings familiarity to every key, solid quality makes it easy to play, and a durable inner frame can Let you enjoy playing on your Roland piano longer. Our piano keyboard construction also reduces playing noise, so you can play to your heart's content at night.

The feel of a grand piano

The touch of the keys is important, but the smoothness of the keyboard movements cannot be ignored. Each key has a specially designed stabilizing peg, which ensures smooth and precise vertical movement of the keys, avoiding the side-by-side movement and noise of some pianos when playing arpeggios. Since the HP603 is built with the latest piano sound engine, we have also fine-tuned the keyboard sensing system to ensure that the sound and keyboard can achieve the most perfect overall performance. Finally, the keys have the look and feel of ebony and ivory, while the hygroscopic surface material keeps your hands from slipping when you play.

Connect with your mobile device using Bluetooth technology - use the app to make learning more enjoyable

Today, more and more people often use smartphones and tablets to assist in piano learning. Using Bluetooth technology, the HP603 can connect wirelessly to your mobile device, you can visit Sheet Music Direct to download a variety of sheet music, or install an iOS app like PiaScore to enjoy more than 70,000 classical music scores; you can also step on the piano's Pedals to control the page turning of the score on your iPad/iPhone screen.

Elegant appearance, classic lines, timeless sound

Despite its advanced technology, the HP603 retains the elegance of a traditional instrument. Classically elegant lines are combined with a compact, space-saving body design. Your piano doesn't even need to press the power button, just push the lid off and it'll turn on for you to play.

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