[2021 selection] the latest Roland f140r digital piano in stock

Roland f140r is an upgraded version of Roland f130r. The main features are as follows:

one Roland f-140r increasedBluetooth function, which can be directly connected to iPad / iPhone, etc., without the need to purchase WiFi share finger of wna-2200.

2. Roland f-140r improvedHorn designThe horn of f130r is 12cm x 8cm, which is a round design, while f140r is improved to 12cm x 12cm, which is a perfect design, making the output sound more warm and comprehensive.

The original price is $14880,Special $10880Free piano chair, original earphone

2016 Roland f-140r digital piano 

Roland F-140r has a space free design, fashionable appearance, and powerful Roland technology, which integrates the performance of high-level piano into your modern lifestyle. Roland's famous sound quality and keyboard touch will make your fingers feel the true timbre and touch key of traditional platform piano. The compact body makes this instrument more suitable for modern apartment or building With the built-in stereo speaker system, you can enjoy your practice and entertainment with full and rich sound. The unique headphones 3D ambience earphone 3D ring effect allows you to immerse yourself in the experience of beautiful sound lingering in your ears when you wear the earphone for personal practice.

2016 Roland f-140r digital piano


  • Roland's leading piano making technology is contained in the fashionable and compact piano body
  • Supernatural piano sound source conveys rich and real platform piano timbre
  • The new f140 PHA-4 standard piano keyboard, with delicate induction performance, can give full play to the performance of supernatural piano sound source
  • There are 72 different rhythms, including 6 piano accompaniment styles of pianist
  • In addition to the traditional Roland F130 piano timbres, there are 305 kinds of timbres, including electric piano, string, organ, guitar, brass, synthesizer and so on
  • Use the Roland f-130r and f-140 air performer app to play with your favorite songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Learn how to play, listen and read music with the free iPad version of piano partner app
  • Headphones 3D ambience earphone 3D ring effect allows you to practice with earphones, providing you with stereo sound experience from many aspects
  • USB portable disc can be connected to play with wav / SMF songs and store the recordings you made with the built-in recorder
  • The built-in USB computer port allows you to use the f-130r with music software on a Mac or windows computer
  • Other built-in practical functions include volume limit function and independent volume adjustment function of speaker and earphone
  • White and modern black

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