[Out of the box evaluation] Roland FP30 digital piano and the latest price in Hong Kong


Digital pianos are compact and high-end Roland digital pianos. If you want to own a piano but suffer from insufficient budget or small space at home, now your dream can finally become a reality.

purchase guide

1. Smart buying method

The original FP-30 comes with a Roland DP-2 original sustain pedal and a piano cover, so you only need to purchase a double X piano stand or piano chair according to your needs, and you can use it at a very cheap price. I chose a great entry-level electric piano.

2. All-inclusive buying method

Add the original FP-30 wooden piano stand, piano chair, and three-pedal combination to enjoy all the original equipment!!!

Work with iPad via Bluetooth

This is one of the most incredible features of Roland FP-30. As long as Roland FP-30 is connected to a Bluetooth transmitter, it can be connected to the iPad, and use the built-in GarageBand of the iPad to complete recording, notation and other tasks, and even use it The foot pedal is used to control the page turning action of the music score on the iPad.

Let’s watch the demonstration video of iPad connecting FP-30

Satisfy the voice and touch of a pianist

Roland FP-30's unparalleled sound and touch keys give you the illusion of playing a traditional piano. The built-in powerful SuperNATURE piano sound source fully meets the needs of musicians and pianists.

Support USB play music and connect to computer to arrange and record

Now is the era of digitization. In addition to supporting USB playback of songs, Roland FP-30 can also be connected to a computer via USB. As long as the FP-30's USB is connected to the computer, you can arrange and record on the computer, whether it is a Windows system Or MAC system supports it. If you use MAC, it is recommended to use GarageBand or Logic PRO. Weiting will teach you how to use it and how to connect.

Twin Piano mode, a good helper for teaching

This is the best feature in my opinion. The Twin Piano mode is most suitable for pianist tutoring, allowing teachers and students to perform side by side in the same range without having to tolerate a high and one low scale.

The FP-30 allows you to have Roland's acclaimed sound, simple and stylish appearance, and an 88-key standard keyboard with outstanding quality at an affordable price. The light and portable characteristics make it an ideal choice for musicians' performances and music teaching. In addition to piano sounds, FP-30 also has built-in a variety of other instrument sounds, and has practice and recording functions. It supports Bluetooth wireless connection for you to use with all kinds of popular music software.

Roland FP-30 detailed specifications

  • Equipped with Roland's well-known SuperNATURAL piano sound source, rich and moving piano sound
  • The 88-key PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard, with real piano touch, can fully show the most vivid expression of performance
  • Powerful amplifier and stereo sound to deliver powerful sound
  • Headphone output and quiet keyboard mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors, and you can enjoy playing at any time
  • The compact and lightweight body makes it easy to carry to the home, studio or classroom
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless connection function, allowing your piano to match popular apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as GarageBand, piaScore, Sheet Music Direct, etc.
  • The use of repetition/splitting mode and other than piano sounds such as organ, strings, synthetic vocals, drums, etc., to make music more expressive
  • The Twin Piano mode is suitable for music lessons, allowing teachers and students to play side by side with the same octave range
  • It can be connected to a USB flash drive to store the songs you recorded with the built-in SMF recorder, or you can play with your favorite WAV and SMF songs
  • Optional tripod and three-pedal device are available to create the appearance of a classical piano and add operating functions, including the use of pedals to control the page turning of the score app
  • Available in white and black appearance

FP-30 allows you to enjoy the ultimate music experience like never before in the most streamlined way. The acclaimed Roland piano's sound and feel are simple, compact, and portable. Functional features Roland's famous SuperNATURAL piano engine brings full sound. 88-key PHA-4 Standard keyboard brings a real piano keyboard feel and maximizes expressiveness. Powerful amplifier and stereo speakers show impressive sound. Support headphone output And the quiet keyboard response allows you to practice at any time without worrying about disturbing others. It is compact and lightweight, and it is very convenient to carry between the home, the recording studio and the music classroom.

It supports Bluetooth wireless connection and can be used with music software such as GarageBand, piaScore or Sheet Music Direct on a smart phone or tablet. The use of tone overlay mode and split key mode can expand your playing experience, such as organ, string, vocals and drum kits. Gives you more choices. The dual piano mode is an ideal assistant for music teaching. Teachers and students can sit side by side, play the keyboard with the same range, connect to a USB flash drive, save your recorded SMF music files, or play the files in the USB flash drive. The WAV/SMF music file can be purchased with the corresponding piano stand and three-pedal set to make it more piano-like and add functionality. You can turn the sheet music of some music software APPs by pressing the pedal. There are black and white colors to choose from. Excellent timbre The super performance of the FP-30 meets the needs of experienced pianists and makes it easy to stand out among products at the same price.

Roland's unparalleled sound and feel can bring you the super expressive power of an acoustic piano, provide a solid guarantee for regular piano learning, and ensure that the details of the starting sound and the nuances of the key response are perfectly displayed, even for the experienced The performer will also be satisfied. It has a built-in powerful sound system that supports the SuperNATURAL piano sound engine, and is equipped with a new fourth-generation escapement structure ivory-like keyboard that is only available on high-end household piano models. Powerful digital functions provide more convenience for learning, creation and entertainment. Modern digital technology makes FP-30 more entertaining and creative than traditional pianos. In addition to piano sounds, it is also equipped with a variety of sounds such as organ, strings, vocals, etc., adapting to various musical styles, and there are many drum kits that can be used as accompaniment. FP-30 can stack two tones or play different tones with left and right hands.

It supports Bluetooth wireless connection and can be used in conjunction with music software on mobile devices. It supports USB connection, allowing you to follow your favorite music to play, or record your performance as an SMF format file and save it in a U disk. The dual piano mode is suitable for one-to-one teaching. The keyboard is divided into two parts with the same range. Teachers and students can sit side by side for teaching. Plug in your headphones and you can enjoy your music journey without worrying about disturbing your roommates or neighbors. Highly portable, it is convenient for running performers. The FP-30 is available in black and white, and its exquisite and elegant appearance can adapt to various interior decoration styles.

The light and simple design can be easily put into a small living room and can be easily moved at any time. FP-30 is not only suitable for home use, but also a portable and professional device suitable for musicians and music teachers. If you want to make the FP-30 look more complete, more like a reduced version of an upright piano, you can buy the KSC-70 piano stand and KPD-70 three-pedal set. Another advantage of the KPD-70 pedal set is that it can free your hands. Press the pedal to turn the music software scores of mobile terminals such as piaScore or Sheet Music Direct.


Just arrived today, I will send you unboxing pictures for everyone's entertainment! ! ! The largest box under the express delivery is the main piano. Out of the box. Still holding the pipa half-hidden face! ! !

On the shelf, the white violin is like a work of art

PHA-4 Standard keyboard. The gap is uniform, the keys are crisp, the rebound is simply and powerful, and the hand feels first-class (I feel that the hand feels away from my previous CTK-6300 electronic keyboard for several blocks)! ! !

The function keypad of the piano, with transparent acrylic and white body, will be like a star in the sky after being lighted up! ! !

The white music stand is placed securely. If it is transparent, it will be even more compelling~~~

A close-up of the interface, the back is the pedal, power supply and USB. There is no workmanship to say! ! !

Sound and color test:

Tones that cannot be tuned by the FP30 panel operation, such as saxophone, guitar, etc. Finally, I found that the FP30 actually has at least a set of GM sound sources (should be GS sound sources), including drum kits and even folk music! So I used the FP30 as the sound source to play standard MIDI files (listen below), and found that the quality of this GM sound source is quite high, how high is it? Better than the sound of the BK5 arranger keyboard. Especially the acoustic instruments, not to mention the piano, the guitar, orchestra, and vocals are better than the BK5. Although there are only 128 GM tones, they are few and fine. Moreover, the timbre of these FP30s seems to be modulated, and the sound image and level of the timbre are clearer than BK when playing standard MIDI as a whole. How to call these tones in FP30? One of the methods is to use MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller, computer to send cc00, cc32, program change information to switch timbre. In addition, use the mobile phone MIDI controller APP to switch.


Piano, electric piano, saxophone (FP30 sound is very positive, please listen to the original song Saving all for my love)




Others (the drum kit of FP30 is clear, and the sound image of acoustic bass, clarinet, oboe, string, vocals, and instrumental music is significantly better than that of BK5)


This is not an evaluation, but a subjective experience. Since we already have roland bk5, we are considering getting an electric piano with good feel, sound and simple functions. I have been hovering between fp30 , es100, and p115 at the beginning. Because the piano sound of BK5 is recognized to be a bit higher than that of the same grade arranger keyboard, I am worried that the sound of other electric pianos cannot be adapted, so I can only continue to use roland electric pianos. .     

Some gifts:

Show your true colors:

The system is set up!

The sound that was turned on was not as amazing or worth looking forward to at first, but after playing for a period of time, the sound became more and more charming. yamaha electric piano P series and DGX series have been played for many years. The piano sound is the kind of prestige, bright and aggressive, and will catch you when it comes out; while the piano sound of roland SuperNatural will only show after 1 second. Her charm and the slightly close pickup method make the dynamics and details of the little string vibration captured slowly unfold as the process of sustaining the sound. It is true that some software sound sources are of high quality, such as the ivory series, that is, the sound of the one or two brands, but the software sound sources are indeed more troublesome to fiddle with. After carefully comparing the piano sounds of Roland BK5 and FP30, there is still a significant gap in the number of samples and dynamics.

A key factor is the playback device, whether it is headphones or speakers. FP30's built-in speakers have thicker bass, but the entire sound field distribution is still muddy. As shown in the picture, I use a multimedia speaker with a price of around 1700. I feel that 75% of this tone may be played, and the other 25% of the details and dynamics cannot be displayed due to the equipment. This multimedia-entertainment-level speaker has a heavier bass, good sense of space and layering. For example, the bass and drums of the BK5 accompaniment are very effective, but the resolution of the mid and high frequencies is not enough, but it is still better than the FP30 and BK5. The speakers are much better (the BK5's built-in speakers have almost no low frequency). I feel that a monitor speaker with a price range of around 2000~3000 is needed to basically fully display all the characteristics of this sound source. The store gave me a brand-name earphone for RMB 50, and the sound of the FP30 was immediately the same as that of an electronic piano in the supermarket. Visible the importance of playback equipment.

A useful feature is that the FP has a Bluetooth interface, which can transmit MIDI via Bluetooth. The FP30 has no MIDI in/out interface, only a USB to Host port, so if FP30 is used as a MIDI keyboard to control the BK5, it is usually impossible without a computer connection. Bluetooth MIDI saved us. Use this IOS MIDI Routing application as shown in the figure below, and use FP30 as MIDI in and BK 5 as MIDI out device (BK5 is connected to mobile phone through USB port, FP30 is connected to mobile phone through Bluetooth), so BK5 becomes one Arranger keyboard with 88 heavy hammer PHA4 keyboard!

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