[Sound insulation project] Common soundproofing materials - sound insulation cotton, sound absorbing panels, sound insulation carpets, sound insulation doors HongKong

1. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board: It is an ideal indoor sound insulation material.

The raw material is 100% polyester fiber, which has sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, easy dust removal, easy cutting, can be parquet, easy construction, good stability, good impact resistance, independent The advantages of good performance and high cost performance.

There are a variety of colors to choose from, which can meet the needs of different styles and levels of sound-absorbing decoration. Mainly used in theaters, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls, libraries, interrogation rooms, galleries, auction halls, gymnasiums, lecture halls, multi-purpose halls, hotel lobbies, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, piano rooms, conference rooms, studios , recording studios, KTV rooms, bars, industrial plants, computer rooms, home noise reduction and other places with high requirements for acoustic environment and high-end decoration.

2. Wave crest sound-absorbing sponge: The wave crest sound-absorbing sponge is an indoor sound insulation material. It is a kind of sponge that is specially treated by equipment to form a concave and convex wave shape. It can attenuate, reduce the interference and reverberation of indoor reflected sound, and improve the purity of the sound.

3. Sound insulation felt: Sound insulation felt is made of odorless EPDM rubber and more than a dozen organic minerals in a certain proportion. The product is black, environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. The thickness of the material varies from 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. The weighted sound insulation amount is 23dB, 27dB and 30dB respectively after testing by the National Building Materials Bureau. The flexibility of the material is also very good, and it can be bent at any Ribbon cutting, construction is very convenient and fireproof sound insulation material.

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