ROLAND F701 and RP701 latest published, evaluation comparison [2021 latest version]

[New Product / Electronic Piano] Roland's compact entry model "F701" will be released!

Super Japan light oak color

Stylish Digital Piano Roland F701, designed for modern home.Slight and exquisite cabinetsThe compact size is complete, suitable for narrow space.

It integrates into the room and can be used with any room. last generationModel F-140R popular keyboard and sound sourceHigh quality sound, function and design.

What is the difference between the old model F-140R?

1 improve sound quality and performance

In addition to the regular sound source, the maximum number of voices is 256, this
Make performances in larger spaces.

In addition, the balance between the sound and the keyboard touch has been modified to improve sound and playability.
The sound quality is not limited to the classic, but also for popular music and jazz and other geography.

2 design and function

F701 is simple, slim and fashionable,
The keyboard cover is intended to cover the rounded tableware.
Considering the back of the piano, we also designed a method that makes no obvious wiring.
You can freely place it in the room without having to worry about the position and direction of the piano.

The light oak style is popular because of its soft texture, and now you can use it in F701!
The external resin part uses a fashionable "Greige" color and is more fashionable to the space.

Complex white integrated white wall, standard black has a sound quality similar to the piano.
You can choose according to the interior of the room and your preferences.


The display has become a big screen display to make itIt is more likely to understand and intuitive.

Bluetooth audio function

You can connect it to your smartphone or tablet and play your favorite songs through the piano speaker.

ThereforeHigh quality Bluetooth® speakers appreciate it.

Also supports Bluethooth®MIDI, soYou can use Roland unique applications "Piano Every Day (Free)" 

3 accessories

It is equipped with an adjustable height chair to adjust the color of the piano.



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