Roland F701 and RP701 latest release, evaluation and comparison [2022 latest version]

[New Product/Electronic Piano] Roland's compact entry model "F701" will be released!

Super pretty Japanese light oak

The stylish digital piano Roland F701, designed for the modern home. Slim and sophisticated cabinets are finished in compact sizes for tight spaces.

It blends into the interior and can be easily matched with any room. The popular keyboard and sound generator of the previous generation model F-140R features the same high-quality sound, function and design.

How is it different from the older model F-140R?

①Improve sound quality and performance

In addition to conventional sound sources, the maximum number of simultaneous sounds is 256, which
Makes it possible to perform performances in a larger space.

Additionally, the balance between sound and keyboard touch has been revised to improve sound and playability.
The sound quality is not limited to the classics, but can be used in a variety of genres such as pop and jazz.

②Design and function

F701 is simple, slim and stylish,
Designed to slide the keyboard cover onto the casually rounded sideboard.
Considering the back of the piano, we also devised a way to make the wiring less obvious.
You can place it freely in the room without worrying about the position and orientation of the piano.

The light oak style, popular for its soft texture, is now available in the F701!
The resin part of the exterior uses a trendy "Greige" color and blends into the space more stylishly.

Sophisticated white blends into white walls, and standard black has a piano-like sound quality.
You can choose according to the interior of the room and your preferences.

The display has been transformed into a large display, making it easier to understand and intuitive.

Support Bluetooth audio function

You can connect it to your smartphone or tablet and play your favorite songs through the piano speaker,

So it can be enjoyed as a high-quality Bluetooth® speaker.

Bluetooth® MIDI is also supported, so you can use Roland's exclusive app "PIANO EVERY DAY (Free)" .


Comes with a height-adjustable chair that can be adjusted to match the color of the piano.


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