[Out-of-the-box evaluation] The difference between Roland FP-30X and Roland FP-30

Roland 2022 The latest Roland FP-30X.

Now compare the following:

(1) The appearance is different

It looks exactly the same. The Roland FP-30X has moved the model from the previous left-hand side to the current right-hand side.

Like the Roland FP30, the FP30X is also available in black and white. It can also be equipped with the original wooden frame and three pedals.

(2) The keyboards are respectively

The Roland FP-30X also uses the 88-key PHA-4 Standard Keyboard,

The keys with escapement and ivory feel are exactly the same as the previous generation,

Touch Sensitivity 5 types of touch strength,

So there is no difference in feel.

(3) The sound is different

Roland FP-30X uses two 11W speakers with a diameter of 12CM. This is the same as the FP-30.

In terms of sound source, the two also use SuperNatural sound source.

(4) Bluetooth function respectively

Roland FP-30x and FP-30 also have Bluetooth function,

Supports all Bluetooth-enabled APPs on the market.

Roland FP-30x has added Audio format to support Bluetooth Speaker function,

That is to say, the phone can be connected to the piano to play songs.

(5) Apps support respectively

Roland FP-30x and FP-30 also support Roland APP,

FP-30 supports Roland Piano Partner,

The FP-30x supports Piano Every Day and Roland Piano Designer.

(6) Audio output respectively

Roland FP-30x and FP-30 also have the function of audio output,

The Roland FP-30x has additionally added a separate output socket,

It is convenient for music producers to plug in headphones and output audio to Mixer at the same time.


2020 is an eventful year. Roland and other big manufacturers have no time and manpower to develop products with new functions. However, since models need to be updated every year (with price increases), the Roland FP-30x has not changed much. 's model.

However, the store manager believes that Roland's FP series has been ahead of other brands for many years, and even digital pianos of the FP-30 series can maintain their dominance in the industry in 2021.

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