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atRoland China 2017At the launch,RolandIt was also shown publicly for the first timekiyola KF-10Electric piano, which is with Japan's high-end solid wood furniture brandKarimokuCo-operative new products.


KarimokuIs Japan's high-end solid wood furniture brand, this is alsoRolandFor the first time with an open mind with the first non-music industry third-party brand cooperation, also see this isRolandA new change this year——Cross-border cooperation:


KIYOLA(きよら) There is a clear purity in Japanese, made entirely in Japan:


Dark and light solid wood colors are perfect for matching your home's overall furniture style, or you can think of it as part of the furniture:




The sound aspect is naturally made up ofRolandControl, useSuperNATURAL PianoUltra-real piano tone:


The keyboard is also usedPHA-50Mixed materials to create:


Bluetooth remote control is supported, not only withiPadInteractive action, even throughiPhoneandApple Watchremote control:





Because it is electric steel, so only the pedal interface does notMIDIinterface, but can also be transmitted via BluetoothMIDIOh now:


Pedals are also sold together:


There is also a specially designed piano stool with the same cushioned material as the Shinkansen seats in Japan:



peerKF-10Solid wood pattern:







The whole can only be seen in the horizontal bracket behind the body of the only two screws, other places are all one, very beautiful:


On the sidelines of the press conference, I took the time to catch itRoland CEO Junichi Mikiand talked to himKF-10story, he also shared some interesting content:

  • KarimokuIt's a very high-end log furniture brand in Japan that only the rich buy, and most rich people buy itKarimokufurniture
  • The stool is followed, tooKarimokuDesigned together
  • Notice the leather cushions on top of the piano stool, which are the same material as the Japanese Shinkansen seats (so they're playing).KF-10Do you feel like you're flying on the Shinkansen? )
  • allKF-10Electric steel is manufactured entirely in Japan, all by hand
  • KF-10already in all Of JapanKarimokuThe demonstration shop is on display with other furniture



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