((Store Manager Evaluation)) Roland Kiyola KF-10 Handmade Wooden Digital Piano-Hong Kong Feiteng Music Center

At the Roland China 2017 conference, Roland also publicly displayed the kiyola KF-10 electric piano for the first time, which is a new product in cooperation with the Japanese high-end solid wood furniture brand Karimoku.

Karimoku is a high-end solid wood furniture brand in Japan. This is the first time Roland has cooperated with a third-party brand outside of the music circle with an open mind. It can also be seen that this is a new change of Roland this year- cross-border cooperation:

KIYOLA (きよら) means clear and pure in Japanese, completely made in Japan:

Two solid wood colors, dark and light, are suitable to match the overall furniture style of your home, or you can imagine it as a part of the furniture:

The sound aspect is naturally controlled by Roland , using SuperNATURAL Piano ultra-real piano sound:

The keyboard is also made of PHA-50 mixed material:

It supports Bluetooth remote control, which can not only interact with iPad , but also remotely control via iPhone and Apple Watch:


Because it is a household electric steel, there is only a pedal interface and no MIDI interface, but MIDI can also be transmitted via Bluetooth. Now:

The pedals are also sold together:

There is also a specially designed piano stool whose cushion material is the same as that of the Japanese Shinkansen seat:

Take a closer look at the solid wood pattern of KF-10:

As a whole, you can only see the only two screws on the horizontal bracket on the back of the piano body. The rest are all integrated and very beautiful:

During the press conference, I took the time to catch Roland CEO Junichi Miki and chatted with him about the KF-10 story. He also shared some interesting content:

  • Karimoku is a very high-end log furniture brand in Japan. Only the rich will buy it, and most rich people will buy Karimoku furniture.
  • The piano stool was also designed with Karimoku
  • Pay attention to the leather upholstery on the piano bench. Its material is the same as that of the Japanese Shinkansen seat (so when I play KF-10 , will I feel like sitting on the Shinkansen speeding?)
  • All KF-10 electrical steel are completely manufactured in Japan, all by hand
  • KF-10 has been exhibited with other furniture in all Karimoku demonstration stores in Japan

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