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The latest Roland HP603A HP605 digital piano seven folds - flying music

Roland's latest HP-603 / HP-605 is a replacement for HP-604 / HP-605.

RolandHP603 $17,980

RolandHP605 $21,980

The latest Roland HP605 digital piano of 2016

Since 1972, Roland has been developing and producing the highest quality pianos, and our new HP series of pianos is the most meticulously crafted. The ideal of the HP series of digital pianos is to allow you to enjoy the ultimate sound and performance of the piano on the concert hall-level platform at home, equipped with a carefully crafted appearance, color and horn system. The HP603's sound source is powered by the latest SuperNATURAL Piano module technology and features a unique PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and molded materials for outstanding performance and durability. Hp603 although with a small, classical shape of the piano body, but has a rich and full sound, will bring you endless satisfaction.
The latest Roland HP603 digital piano of 2016
  • Replace general sampling with the latest SuperNATURAL Piano source module technology to deliver richer, more detailed piano sounds
  • Headphone 3D sound field technology, with headphones to practice, can listen to the piano body issued by the natural, real stereo sound
  • Equipped with the new PHA-50 (progressive punching action with indulgence mechanism) keyboard, combining the appearance and feel of wood with the durability of new plastic materials
  • With Bluetooth Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet device, allowing you to turn the page on your wireless control app' score
  • In addition to piano tones, there are plenty of tones such as strings, brass, organ and many other instruments
  • The built-in 25 memory spaces store your favorite tone settings, including overlay settings and key-sharing settings, to store the entire set of memories on a USB stick
  • Solid piano body, small space-saving design
  • Rosewood with white appearance

SuperNATURAl Piano Modeling Piano Sound Source, showing the vitality of the piano sound

Play the next key on a typical digital piano and you will hear a recording of the piano notes. But SuperNATURAL Piano piano sources work in completely different ways, using the latest model technology to remake sound instead of replaying it. This unique model technique completely simulates the process of sounding a traditional piano, including how it resonates and interacts with other components of the piano under many note combinations at the same time. To create a rich, complex sound with a variety of overtones, your playing skills can truly reflect the change in tone, which is not possible with digital pianos using traditional sampling techniques. You actually have a very different real feeling about actually visiting and listening to a recorded sound.

Practice with headphones and enjoy the ultimate platform piano sound experience

One of the many advantages of a digital piano is the ability to mute exercises with headphones. However, when using headphones, some digital pianos simply switch the sound of the horn into the headset. Doing so misses the opportunity for premium headphones to demonstrate their superior clarity and sound detail. The Roland piano uses the Headphones 3D Ambience effect to make the sound render the stereo sound field as if it were flowing out of the piano body. Enjoy a great sound experience day and night while playing the piano with headphones on for long periods of time.

A new keyboard mixing wood and plastic

The wooden piano keys of a traditional piano are not only visually attractive, they feel strong and solid when played. However, because the wooden keys need regular maintenance to maintain optimal condition, the all-wood keyboard is not ideal for digital pianos. The HP603 features a new keyboard mechanism that combines wood with plastic, beautiful wood that brings familiarity to each key, rugged quality that makes it easy to play, and a durable inner skeleton that allows you to enjoy playing on your Roland piano for longer. Our piano keyboard structure also reduces the noise of playing, so you can play at night.

A sense of playing the platform piano

The touch of the keys is important, the smoothness of keyboard movements can not be ignored. Each key is specially designed to stabilize the bolt, which ensures that the vertical movement of the keys is smooth and precise, avoiding certain piano keys next to playing the arpeggio and noise. Thanks to the HP603's latest piano source engine, we have also fine-tuned our keyboard sensing system to ensure the perfect overall performance of the sound and keyboard. Finally, the keys have the look and feel of ebony and ivory, while the moisturizing surface material allows you to play without slipping your hands.

Connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth Bluetooth Blueooth technology - use apps to make learning easier

Today, more people often use smartphones and tablets to aid piano learning. With Bluetooth Bluetooth, the HP603 can connect wirelessly to your mobile device, you can access Sheet Music Direct to download a variety of scores, or install iOS apps like PiaScore and enjoy more than 70,000 classical music scores, or you can press the piano pedal to control the score on your iPad/iPhone screen.

Elegant appearance, classical lines, eternal sound

Despite its state-of-the-art technology, the HP603 retains the elegance of traditional instruments. Classical elegant lines combine space-saving, compact piano design. Your piano doesn't even need to press the power key, just push the cover open and turn it on to let you play.
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