NUX DA-50 Electronic Drum Electronic Piano Special Speaker


HK$3,880.00  HK$4,880.00

DA50 drum speaker


Da50 electronic drum monitor speaker is an electronic drum special speaker, can produce the drum tone signal at 30W power amplification, while with CD/LINE input, audio or other source signals can be mixed through the speaker amplification output, can provide drummers and practitioners with a good auxiliary practice method, the headphone output interface is easy to listen to.

10-inch full-frequency horn, with a high-pitched trumpet, frequency response characteristics are obvious, for a variety of drum instruments for the frequency characteristics of the optimization circuit design, high-pitched bright, full of medium sound, bass shock.

With three frequency adjustment buttons: treble, medium, bass, provides better adjustability to adapt to different drummers and practitioners on the needs of drum tone.

What is TSAC technology?


It is a new digital technology for simulating the working characteristics of analog circuits. TSAC adds digital simulation algorithms to simulate the transient properties of analog circuits. In general, musicians will feel less than satisfied with the simulation sound effects of professional-grade analog designs, such as tube speakers and distortion effectors. The application of TSAC technology improves both because of a lack of feel and dynamics compared to real analog devices.

TSAC technology is mainly used in nonlinear circuit simulation algorithms, including such as distortion, faz and overload effects in NEX effects and speakers, guitar speaker simulation (front, rear) are using this new technology. Thanks to the modern and powerful DSP computing power, our effects and speakers are more sound-rich than other similar products, giving musicians a "feel".


Rated power: 50W effective value

Power consumption: 40W 50/60HZ 230 VAC

Enter the impedance



Enter sensitivity



EQ equalization system

BASS:±15DB @ 60HZ


CD Input: -10DBV (2 X RCA)

Horn: Coaxial Horn (10" WOOF s 1" TWEETER)

Dimensions: 430 (H) x 390 (W) x 340 (D) MM

Net weight: 12KG

Gross weight: 14KG


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