Japanese ARCO PC12P can be inserted into AMP electronic wooden box drum


HK$1,680.00  HK$2,680.00

If this size, I think I can feel freely anywhere.

In addition, if this volume, Naraseru anywhere or not.
Practice in your own room, rhythm, language research, production warm-up before, such as in the Kahun class, I think you can use it in a wide range.
It is equipped with a private pick-up, which can be connected in a single shielded headphone amplifier and so on. (For example, a multi-effect, etc.)
Also live, bass power amplifier, and can be played by connecting to the power amplifier, and so on.
In addition, the sound changes in the propagation of this effect. With an inner chord of the attached adjustment mechanism, it also becomes easy to use Kahun compact.
●Size: 30cmx25cmx5cm

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