(2021 reduction) Roland TD-1kpx full mesh foldable electronic drum


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Roland Td1kpx premium Kit hasAttachmentThe following accessories:


Roland TD-25K Electronic Drum Premium Kit

Roland Dap-3X Kit SetOriginalDrum chair, drum pedal, drumstick)


In addition, where to buy TD-1kpx, you can purchase the following accessories at a special price:

Roland CB-TDP Special Carbag + $ 480

ROLAND PM-03 Electronic Drum AMP + $ 1980



Really sensing, mesh drum strike board, and height portability

TD1kpx is a new member of the portable V-Drums series. Under the small weight, TD-1kpx is equipped with a rugged drum rack, drums and Tom drums use Roland's famous mesh drops V-PAD strike board, bringing natural rebound, touch and feeling. . The innovative folding design allows the drum rack to be easily folded, and it is easy to carry out and accommodate the hitting board or cymbals. Super simple settings, let TD-1kpx can play everywhere in all parts of the country - at home, playing venues or training rooms. Just join a traditional big drum pedal or a V-Drums drum pickup pedal *, you can immediately encourage!

  • Carrying V-Drums - a small lightweight sleeve with a door
  • Innovative folding design - no need to remove the anti-button or cymbals can package
  • Net-plated - Drum drums and all Tom drums use Roland's famous network drops to provide excellent sensation and nature reactions
  • Use a simple-TD-1 drum tone, metronome, Coach rhythm coach function, and songs that can be practiced together
  • Purchase - exclusive bus bag can carry a full range of drums (accommodating all strikes and pedals), silent drum pickup pedals, etc.

Simple and fast

TD-1kpx's innovative folding drum rack is durable, sturdy, and has a super simple. You only need a dedicated drum lock to show immediately. Scheduled all board, adjust the drum rack and the plate position, install the traditional big drum pedal (not included), you will be ready to rock immediately. When you exercise or exercise group, the kitor can quickly get into a super small size, allowing you to carry or accommodate at home corners, under the space or cabinet. After folding, drum racks can be placed in a variety of spaces, so that the TD-1kpx sleeve can be played in the South.

Drums and medium drums use mesh plate V-PAD

8 吋 PDX-8 and 6.5 吋 PDX-6 Mesh Plan V-Pad have Roland's surprising dual pickup technology that produces accurate and average in the drum surface and the drum. PDX-8 drums blowboard, extends to 10 吋 drums, so that RIM-SHOT is more comfortable and quiet.钹 and hi-ht use CY-5-Bar to attack boards, provide 10-inch performance areas and natural shake movements, allowing drummers to experience more accurate pickups and perfect performance. The 打 板 also has independent sessions and cymbals, providing more real performance, while Hi-Hat opens can show smooth tone changes.

Built-in practice makes learning and exercise more interesting

The TD-1KPX sound source built a variety of functions to motivate your study, no matter you self-study, or follow the teacher, or just want to exercise your skills. You can use this drum as your drum teacher and your personal accompaniment orchestra. It is equipped with auxiliary learning. You can exercise your drums and enhance your learning motivation, let you enjoy your good time. With the built-in knot, you can cultivate your accurate bauble, using Coach mode to exercise your stable speed, endurance and accuracy. Drums with the built-in music songs of drums, let you prepare for your performance or rehearsal, or you can connect smart phones or music players to Mix In the hole, follow your favorite songs . With built-in recording, you can see your progress immediately.

Use a standard USB wire to make recording in your computer

TD-1kpx is not only a set of fun, which is also a great instrument for making computer music. Built-in USB-MIDI interface allows it to be easily connected to music software through a USB cable without having to add other hardware interfaces. * Maybe you can send your performance to your computer recording software, making the feelings of the drum in your latest creation. Or you can use Roland Free V-Drums Friend Jam Series Application, which provides you with accompaniment, exercise features, and you can have a higher V-Drums user competition around the world. Whether you choose which application you choose, the TD-1kpx drum will make you realize.

* When you do a headset or speaker monitoring from your computer output sound to TD-1kpx, you need to purchase a soundtrackline line.

Create a more quiet drum

Replace your traditional big drum pedal with optional KT-9 or KT-10 drum pickup, and more quiet and neighbors when drilling. KT-9 and KT-10 innovative design have realistic pedaling and performance techniques, while reducing noise and vibration generated when combined with general drums. Use two KT-10 pedals, and even the drum bits are available. At the same time, the internal attached FD-9 Hi-Hat control pedal is quite quiet. With mute mesh drum sticks, TD-1kpx allows you to create the most quiet exercise drum.

Multiple options

TD-1kpx has many other purchase equipped with improved performance. PM-10 people use drums to listen to the expansion speaker is the most ideal choice at home. For beginners, the DAP-3X V-Drums accessories bag is ready to play TD-1kpx, including a pair of mountain walnut drums, a traditional big drum pedal, a bulk chair. The TDM-3 original carpet designed for carrying V-Drums can reduce the vibration of the floor transfer and avoid damage to the surface surface. The CB-TDP bus bag allows you to carry and protect TD-1kpx more conveniently.

Specific bag drums Configuring drums, drums (PDX-8), Hi-Hat (CY-5), Hi-Hat pedal (FD-9), Tom x 3 (PDX-6), Crash (CY-5), Ride (CY-5), drum rack (MDS-TDKP1)
* The original factory did not attach the bulk pedal and the bulging chair. Drum set tone 15coach function 10:
Photographic test (easy)
Photographic test (difficult)
Automatic acceleration / deceleration
Speed ​​test (easy)
Speed ​​test (difficult)
Tap balance
Recording, Jianle, 15 metronome speed (40-260)
Rhythm type (5 kinds)
Sound (8 kinds)
Volume (10 segments) Show 7 segments, 3-character (LED) connection terminal Output / Phones photo hole: stereo mini headset
Mix in photo hole: stereo mini headset type
Trigger INPUT Connection Terminal: DB-25 TYPE (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-Hat, Crash 1, Ride, Hi-Hat Control) interface USB MIDI (for transfer) Power supply AC transformer current 150 mA accessories setup guidance
File "Using the Unit Safely"
AC transformer
Special connection
Board bracket X 4 purchase equipped (sold separately) Kick: KD-9, KT-9, KT-10
Personal drum tube listening speaker: PM-03, PM-10
V-Drums accessories package: DAP-3X
V-Drums Original Carpet: TDM Series Dimensions (including drum pedals, cymbals, with bulging) width 1,000 mm
39-3 / 8 inches Deep 1,200 mm
47-1 / 4 inches high 1,250 mm
49-1 / 4 INCHES Dimensions (After folding) 415 mm
16-3 / 8 inches deep 610 mm
24-1 / 16 inches high 750 mm
29-1 / 16 Inchesweight (Excluding ac adaptor) Weight 14.7 kg
32 lbs. 7 oz.



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