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(2023 reduction) Roland TD-1KPX full mesh foldable electronic drum

(2023 reduction) Roland TD-1KPX full mesh foldable electronic drum

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Roland TD1KPX Premium Kit

  • Includes original drum chair, pedals, drum sticks (Roland Dap3x)
  • Includes door-to-door delivery (SF Express)

Foldable electronic drum combines portability and practicality.

The following are some personal comments from Ray, our drumming instructor.

Product unboxing sheet

Positioned as an entry-level electronic drum, installation is relatively simple.

Kelvin Sir comments Roland td1kpx

Roland TD1KPX Premium Kit is an electronic drum produced by Roland. This electronic drum has excellent portability and practicality. It is a product suitable for both novice and experienced drummers. However, for users looking for a variety of sounds, there may be less variety.


The main features of the TD1KPX are its lightness and portability. Small in size and light in weight, it is easy to bring to the rehearsal room, performance venue, or practice at home. However, for performances on some large occasions, its small size may be somewhat limiting.

Mesh drum head pad

All snares and toms feature Roland's mesh-head V-Pad pads. This pad provides natural bounce and excellent feel, so even when using electronic drums, you can enjoy the same feel as real drums. However, users accustomed to traditional drums may take some getting used to.

Folding design

The TD1KPX adopts a folding design that can be folded without having to remove the pad or cymbals, improving its portability. However, the process of folding and unfolding may take some time and practice.

Drum sound source

The TD-1 drum sound module provides a selection of high-quality drum sounds, a built-in metronome and Coach rhythm coaching function, and songs for you to practice drumming along with. However, for users looking for a variety of timbres, the variety of timbres may be relatively small.


The Roland TD1KPX Premium Kit has excellent performance in terms of portability and practicality. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced drummers. However, if your needs include a variety of sounds, you may want to consider other options.

product specifications

Classification Specification
Drum set configuration Bass drum pad 1, snare drum (PDX-8) 1, Hi-Hat (CY-5) 1, Hi-Hat pedal (FD-9) 1, Tom (PDX-6) 3, Crash (CY-5) 1, Ride (CY-5)1, drum stand (MDS-TDKP1)1
Size Depth 39-3/8 inches (1,200 mm), height 47-1/4 inches (1,250 mm), folded size 16-3/8 inches (415 mm) depth, 24-1/16 inches (610 mm) ) height, 29-1/16 inches (750 mm) width
weight Weight (without AC adapter) 32 lbs. 7 oz. (14.7 kg)
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