(New in 2021) Ena Air-61 Digital Piano


HK$1,588.00  HK$2,680.00

Ena Air-61 Digital Keyboard

The world-selling Ena Air was finally released in Hong Kong. And find the most authentic Huang Xiahui endorsement in Hong Kong.

Extremely fine

98 * 24.3 * 12.8 cm is an amazing volume, and it also has a standard key size of 61 keys. Extremely fine, pursue the ultimate.

Extremely light

It weighs only 2.9 KG and can be easily carried by the elderly or children.

This is due to Ena Factory's superb aluminum-making technology.

Thick-body keys like a grand piano

Ena Factory relies on years of experience in studying spring keys, below the thick keys, it contains light steel technology Spring (LLB),

After laboratory testing, LLB is relatively The spring, fingers need twice the weight to play the keys.

This allows the user to play Ena Air with a feel very close to a grand piano.

Play anywhere, easy to master

Ena Air is designed to fit perfectly on the countertop. Any corner of your home can also be your stage for performance.

Haijiaotianya, walking with you

Of course, if you are unwilling to be ordinary, Ena Air can also walk with you to every corner of the world,

Come on a play tour that just walks away.

Small but very complete

5v power, equipped with extremely small dual-channel Speaker.

Ena Air is equipped with all the digital pianos.

Put on headphones, it’s your own world

Regardless of early morning and night, Ena Air technically assists 3.5MM headphone plugs.

You have your entertainment and I have my music.

Bluetooth connection, unlimited download possibilities

Through the built-in Bluetooth function, you can download any learning piano APP.

It can also connect to the recording and composer APP wirelessly. Record, give full play to your unlimited creativity.

product name

Ena Air-61 Electronic Piano


ABS , aluminum alloy


61 standard keys


128 tone


128 rhythms

Demo version

20 demos

power supply





White / black


Length 88.5 * Width 18 * Height 6.4 cm


2.9 kg

Package dimensions

98 * 24.3 * 12.8 cm


stand by


Master volume control keys, speed control keys, recording, programming, playback, sustain pedal, teaching, drums, metronome, transposition, vibrato functions.

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