(Recommended by the 2021 store manager) Roland RP-701 Digital Piano


HK$10,980.00  HK$18,980.00

Roland RP701 Everything your family needs to start playing the piano.

****This price includes home delivery

****Includes X-shaped gift piano chair

****+$480 upgrade to solid wood liftable piano chair

If you are looking for a piano for the whole family, then Roland RP701 is the perfect choice. Sound quality and keyboard feel are the two most important factors when learning to play. This affordable digital instrument provides the bright and rich tones of Roland's SuperNATURAL piano technology, plus our highly playable PHA-4 standard The keyboard can bring a real feeling to the acoustic piano.

The design of the RP701 is also very intuitive, so that young players can join immediately. Easy-to-read icons and a neat front panel ensure that you can focus on playing and entertainment without having to read the user manual.

With the built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music from your smartphone and access various applications, so you can always try some new methods to keep everyone motivated. Add music to the room with powerful onboard speakers, personally improve your skills with immersive headphones 3D atmosphere, or simply appreciate the traditional appearance of high-end pianos to bring a refined atmosphere to your home.

Whether you want your children to study or return to the piano by yourself, the sound of the RP701 feels very suitable for the whole family to appreciate.

Standard function

  • Roland's SuperNATURAL piano technology is rich in expression
  • All the touch and touch of an acoustic piano with PHA-4 standard keyboard and progressive damper action pedal
  • Classic design, elegant front legs and delicate curves
  • Headphone 3D atmosphere, can bring immersive and realistic playing experience when using headphones to practice
  • Intuitive display and easy-to-use icons, hidden when not in use
  • Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth audio and play with your favorite songs
  • Compatible with Roland's "Piano Every Day" app, which encourages learners to practice piano more frequently
  • Including BNC-05 height-adjustable workbench (depending on area)
  • Available in dark rosewood, light oak, white and modern black finishes

It's like playing a traditional acoustic grand piano .

If you are accustomed to playing the original sound of the piano teacher, you will find that RP701 is a smooth transition. This digital piano makes you feel immediately familiar, not only can capture the details of each note, but also reflect your sense of touch and dynamics. The powerful onboard SuperNATURAL sound engine means that you will hear all the subtle changes in sound and resonance, just like on an acoustic instrument. The PHA-4 Standard keyboard matches the lifelike tone, and its escapement keys and ivory white keys feel just right, and even have a unique "click" sound when each key is played. A progressive damper action pedal is also included, so you can practice the same half-pedal technique you learned in music class.

Easy to operate. Intuitive gameplay.

The simple controls and friendly icons of the RP701 make it easy for young players to access all the basics on their own, without the need for you to stand. From more than 300 onboard songs and easy-to-practice metronome to recording functions and app connections, everything is at your fingertips. Sit back and enjoy the rich, powerful sound from the dual speakers. Or, when you want to focus on playing without being distracted, just slide the keyboard cover to hide the control panel, connect the headphones, and then indulge in the headphones 3D environment, surrounded by a warm, evocative piano sound.

If you are attracted by the classic silhouette of an acoustic piano, the RP701 will attract you. Influenced by the award-winning design of Roland's high-end LX and HP series, the exquisite chassis combines curves and straight lines, and the slim front legs make the visual effect more perfect. RP701 has four finishes to choose from, which can be integrated into various room styles. Try a soothing and subtle dark rosewood, or a light oak color that blends elegant oak grain with stylish gray tones. Or just keep it classic by choosing eye-catching white or contemporary black.

Use apps and Bluetooth for fast learning.

A great digital piano has the function of keeping the whole family interested, so everyone is more likely to continue playing. Using Bluetooth audio, you can connect to a tablet or smartphone, play music through the RP701's speakers or headphones, and then play with your favorite artists. With Bluetooth MIDI, you can easily explore online teaching platforms such as Skoove. You can also try Roland's Piano Every Day app, which will automatically record your performance for self-assessment and challenge the One Week Master program you want to learn .

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