Repair Service

YAMAHA /Roland / alesis other brandsDigital piano, electronic drum maintenance

Frequently asked questions (1)

There's power, but there's powerSome of the keys are silent

Common solutions:

- Optical Sensor Replace or clean

-Conductive O-rings replacement

Process time: 1 ~ 2 hrs



Frequently asked questions (2)

Key pressFailed to bounce

Common solutions:

-Replace hammer action key

- Action Key Rebuild

Process time: 2 ~ 3 hrs


Frequently asked questions (3)

Failed to openThe power is not on

Common solutions:

-Replace power socket / Power adapter

-Replacement Bridge Rectifier

Process time: 1 ~ 2 hrs


Frequently asked questions (4)

It's on, but it's completely offNo sound

Common solutions:

-Replace the speaker cable


Process time: 1 ~ 2 hrs



How to quote:

Method 1: whatsap video to 96262136, point out the problem, brand and model

Method 2: appointment timeVideo CallMore than 80% of the problems can be found through video conference and quotations can be obtained

Method 3: make an appointment for on-site quotation