Roland HP-603A HP603 Digital Piano


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Roldn HP-603 Digital Piano

Roland HP603 The best home piano with the sound of a performance grand piano

Since 1972, Roland has been committed to the development and production of top quality pianos. Our new HP series pianos are the most meticulously completed and profound masterpieces. The ideal of the HP series of digital pianos is to allow you to enjoy the ultimate sound and performance of a concert hall-level grand piano at home, equipped with a well-built appearance, color and speaker system. HP605's sound source is equipped with the latest SuperNATURAL Piano module technology, equipped with a unique PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and molded materials, with excellent performance and durability. HP605 can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth® technology, allowing you to listen to your music app or online piano lessons through the 6-speaker sound system of the piano body, which is a fun way to attract your children’s love Go to learn piano. Although the HP605 has a compact, classically shaped body, it has a rich and full sound, which will bring you endless satisfaction.

  • Use the latest SuperNATURAL Piano sound module technology to replace the general sampling technology, which can express a richer and more delicate piano sound
  • Traditional piano sound projection system, equipped with 6 speakers to reproduce the rich stereo sound field of traditional piano
  • Headphone 3D sound field technology, when you wear headphones to practice, you can listen to the natural and real stereo sound like a piano body
  • Equipped with a new PHA-50 (progressive hammer action with escapement mechanism) keyboard, which combines the appearance and touch of wood with the durability of the new plastic material
  • Using Bluetooth technology, it can be connected to your smart phone or tablet device wirelessly, so that the sound of your app can be played through the speaker of the piano and used for exercises.
  • In addition to piano sounds, it also has a large number of sounds such as strings, brass, organ and many other instrument sounds.
  • Built-in 25 memory spaces can store your favorite tone settings, including duplication settings and sub-key settings, and the entire set of memories can be stored in a USB flash drive
  • Solid piano body, compact and space-saving design
  • Rosewood appearance

SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling piano sound source, showing vigorous piano sound

Play a key on a regular digital piano, and you will hear the recorded sound of piano notes. But the way the SuperNATURAL Piano piano sound generator works is completely different, using the latest modeling technology to reproduce the sound instead of replaying it. This unique model technology completely simulates the sounding process of a traditional piano, including the resonance and how to interact with other components of the piano when playing many combinations of notes at the same time. Create a rich and complex sound with various overtone components. Your playing skills can truly reflect the changes in timbre, which cannot be achieved by digital pianos using traditional sampling techniques. Actually visiting and listening to a recorded sound have a very different real feeling.

Reproduce the deep sound of a grand piano

Roland's Acoustic Projection piano sound projection speaker system can reproduce the rich sound of traditional pianos. HP605 is equipped with a system of 3 sound channels and 6 speakers, and is driven by a four-channel amplifier. The different sounds of each speaker are interwoven and blended to produce an excellent piano sound. The strong body speaker produces the main piano sound, and the spatial speaker placed above reproduces the resonance sound of the piano's steel structure. The sound from the near-field horn is something the player can only hear, including dynamic overtones and even the noise of hammers striking the piano strings. The height of the piano body is further increased, further enhancing the richness of the sound.

Wear headphones to practice and enjoy the ultimate grand piano sound experience

One of the many advantages of digital pianos is the ability to wear headphones for silent practice. However, when using headphones, some digital pianos only switch the sound of the speakers to the headphones. Doing so will miss the opportunity for premium earphones to show their superior clarity and sound detail. Roland piano adopts Headphones 3D Ambience effect, so that the sound presents a stereo sound field as if it comes from the piano body. Let you enjoy a wonderful sound experience when wearing headphones and playing the piano for a long time, day and night.

A new keyboard that mixes wood and plastic

The wooden piano keys of traditional pianos are not only visually attractive, they also feel firm and solid when played. However, because the wooden keys need regular maintenance to keep them in their best condition, an all-wood keyboard is not the most ideal way for a digital piano. HP605 is equipped with a new keyboard mechanism. Mixed wood and molded materials combine the advantages of the two; the beautiful wood brings familiarity to each key, the sturdy quality makes it easy to play, and the durable inner frame Allows you to enjoy playing music on your Roland piano longer. Our piano keyboard structure also reduces the noise when playing, so you can play as much as you like at night.

The sense of playing grand piano

The touch of the keys is important, and the fluency of keyboard movements cannot be ignored. Each key is specially designed to stabilize the key, which has ensured that the vertical movement of the key is smooth and accurate, and avoids the occurrence of some piano keys that are next to it when playing arpeggios and noise. As the HP605 built-in the latest piano sound engine, we also fine-tuned the keyboard induction system to ensure that the sound and keyboard can achieve the most perfect overall performance. Finally, the keys have the appearance and touch of ebony and ivory, and the moisture-absorbing surface material makes you not slippery when playing.

Use Bluetooth technology to connect with your mobile device-Use App to make learning more enjoyable

Today, more people often use smartphones and tablets to assist in piano learning. Using Bluetooth technology, HP605 can connect to your mobile device wirelessly, allowing you to make good use of the advantages of iOS/Android app applications and online learning videos. After connecting, you can play the audio of the mobile device through the built-in speakers of the piano or your earphones. You can play with your favorite artist or orchestra, or practice with a famous piano teacher. You can visit Sheet Music Direct to download a variety of music scores, or install iOS apps such as PiaScore to enjoy more than 70,000 classical music scores; you can also step on the piano pedal to control the page turning of the score on your iPad/iPhone screen.

Elegant appearance, classic lines, and timeless sound

Although it is equipped with advanced technology, HP605 still retains the traditional elegance. Classical elegant lines are combined with a compact body design that saves space. Your piano does not even need to press the power button, just open the keyboard cover and it will turn on for you to play.
SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling
Maximum number of simultaneous sounds Piano: Unlimited (when using the'Piano' sound solo)
Other: 384
built-in tones
307 in total
Tone keyboard PHA-50 keyboard: wood and plastic mixed structure, with escapement mechanism (Escapement) and ebony/ivory texture (88 keys) pedal progressive damper mechanism pedal (damper pedal: continuous detection of pedaling action, Soft pedal: with continuous detection / self-programmable function, part of the damper pedal: self-programmable function) speaker system Acoustic Projection speaker cabinet speaker Cabinet Speakers: 12 cm x 2
Near-field Speakers: 5 cm x 2
Spatial Speakers: 5 cm x 2 Rated output power 30 W x 2
7 W x 2 Volume Level (SPL) 109 dB (Data measured according to Roland's technical standard law.)
Headphone effects: Headphone 3D surround field effect tuning, sound touch key velocity Touch key velocity: 100 types, fixed velocity standard pitch tuning 415.3 to 466.2 Hz (adjusted in units of 0.1 Hz) 10 classical tuning methods (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), optional tuning method Ambience, BrilliancePiano Designer (piano tone design) Lid cover adjustment
Key Off Noise
Hammer Noise
Duplex Scale
Full Scale String Resonance
Damper Resonance
Key Off Resonance
Cabinet Resonance
Soundboard Type
Damper Noise
Single Note Tuning
Single Note Volume
Single Note Character single-tone sound features a total of 353 songs built-in data playback can be played file format standard MIDI file (Format 0, 1)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, USB flash drive is required) Recorder recording file format Standard MIDI file (Format 0, 3 parts, up to 70,000 notes)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, USB flash drive required) BLUETOOTH Bluetooth audio Audio: Bluetooth Ver 3.0 (support SCMS-T content protection)
MIDI, sheet turning: Bluetooth Ver 4.0 ( Bluetooth LE) convenient function adjustable tilt music stand (3 sections)
Classical piano position metronome (adjustable tempo/beat/strong beat/beat method/volume/timbre)
Registration setting memory dual piano mode (with independent mode)
Transpose (adjust in semitone)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function Volume limit function Panel lock automatic shutdown Other display graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots connection terminal DC In jack Input jack: Stereo mini-headphone type output (L/Mono, R) jack: 1 /4 inch headphone type
USB Computer port: USB Type B
USB Memory port: USB Type A headphone jack x 2: Stereo mini-phone type, stereo 1/4-inch phone type Power supply AC adapter Power consumption 11 W Accessory manual
Roland Classical Piano Masterpieces sheet music
Roland Piano Arrange Collections "Let's Enjoy Piano" sheet music
AC adaptor, power cord, headset hook, optional equipment (sold separately), USB flash drive (*1)
*We cannot guarantee that all commercially available flash drives can be used. Dimensions and weight (including piano stand and music rest) Width 1379 mm Depth 430 mm Height 1122 mm Weight HP605-CR, HP605-CB, HP605-WH: 54.0 kg
HP605-PE: 54.2 kg size and weight (including piano stand, when folded music rest) width 1379 mm depth 456 mm height 959 mm

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