2021 ROLAND TD-25KVX electronic drum (maximum configuration)


HK$26,980.00  HK$34,980.00

ROLAND TD25KVX Premium KitIncluded:
  • Drum Sound Module TD-25 × 1
  • V-Pad PD-128S-BC × 1 (Snare Drum Drum)
  • V-Pad PDX-100 × 3
  • V-Hi-Hat VH-11 × 1
  • V-Cymbal Crash CY-12C × 2
  • V-Cymbal Ride CY-13R × 1
  • V-Kick KD-180 × 1 (Big Bass Drum)
  • Drum Stand MDS-9SC × 1 (drum rack)
  • Roland DAP-3X original three-piece package (drum chair, Bass drum pedal, drum stick)
  • Roland HI-HAT STAND

  • V-DRUMSredefineThe highest performance of professional performance and professional studio

  • Inherit the flagship TD-30's advanced SuperNATURAL hyperreal sound source
  • Comparable to the sound quality and performance of top V-Drums
  • A simple intuitive interface that quickly switches with the settings of each drum and tympon in a custom set drum
  • The 12-inch, 2-layer mesh drum face PD-128S-BC small drum percussion board features spot sensing and supports rim shot/cross stick playing skills, and can be combined with small drum racks
  • Three 10-inch PDX-100 double-layer mesh drum faces
  • The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat can be mounted on standard traditional hi-hat racks, providing a more realistic sense of action and natural traditional cymal performance
  • The two CY-12C 12-inch crash palladides perform natural shaking motion, have edge/surface sensors, and support choke control;
  • KD-180 drum percussion board, using 18-inch traditional drum shell, showing the traditional drumming and strong sense of vision
  • Play with WAV/MP3 music and record your performance as an audio file and store it on a USB carry-on
  • The built-in Coach Rhythm Coach feature exercises your drumming skills
  • The quickly enabled metronant has its own screen, on/off buttons and speed knobs
  • Equipped with USB interface can be connected to the computer for audi/MIDI transmission

  • Unassailable sound and performance

    The TD-25KVX delivers an exceptional playing experience, following the combination of SuperNATURAL technology from the flagship electronic drum source, the TD-30, with Behavior Modeling. The source engine naturally and flexibly reflects all your playing details, providing dynamic, interactive responses that allow you to deliver higher-end music. Whether it's the rim shot of a small drum, a drum, decorative tones and ghost notes, to a strong crash percussion, and a continuous performance that's getting stronger to weaker, every delicate dynamic change is extremely accurate and fluid.

  • High cutting edge and excellent performance

    When you sit in front of the TD-25KVX, you'll enjoy the same performance as a high-end V-Drum set drum. The 12-inch PD-128S-BC small drum percussion board and three 10-inch PDX-100 medium drum percussion boards make traditional drummers feel familiar and provide excellent performance percussion. Fully adopted the legendary Roland 2 layer mesh drum face V-Drums percussion board, the drum is equipped with dot position sensing, according to the percussion point of the percussion board to show more subtle, flexible tone changes. The crucible percussion board shows the natural shaking action and supports choke smouldering sound, the crash can show the surface/edge sound, and the ride can have three sounds: the cymonic/edge/heart. The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat can be mounted on a standard hi-hat rack, supporting open/closed movements and side/edge sounds, allowing you to perfectly demonstrate traditional playing skills.

  • The KD-180 drum brings a traditional drum performance and a powerful gas field

    There is no denying that traditional drumming can bring satisfaction and stage momentum to the performance. If you love the traditional drum performance, the KD-180 drum will give you an instant sense of familiarity, through Roland's innovative air damper mechanism to operate with an 18-inch traditional drum shell, when the drum beat the drum surface, push the air and provide resistance. At the same time, the KD-180 delivers powerful visuals on stage. It provides a stable, consistent, and precise pickup and is fully compatible with the use of large drum double pedals.

  • Call out the drum group and play it immediately

    The TD-25KVX's source machine lets you instantly enjoy the perfect sound in a variety of musical styles through an intuitive interface. Even when holding a drumstick, the use of a large central turntable allows you to quickly select different drum groups, such as standard drums, rock, jazz, electronics, and other drum sets, depending on the type of music. After you select the style, pressing the turntable can also switch between different drum group changes. Next, you're ready to start drumming!

  • Customize your personal dedicated drum set

    The TD-25KVX makes it easy to edit sounds to suit your playing style or specific musical style. Just tap the percussion board to make its sound, and then use the panel knob to select the instrument tone and adjust the tuning, silence, and volume levels. Convenient and quick operation allows you to quickly edit the middle drum, allowing you to specify the tone and simultaneously change the silence and tuning of all the drums together. The settings you edit will be automatically stored without the hassle of extra procedures. Even if you're not satisfied with the last adjustment changes, you can easily undo recover and go back to the settings you set the first time you selected a drum set.

  • Play along with the music and record the audio

    Want to improvise with the music? Just connect to a USB carry-on that stores your favorite WAV/MP3 songs and you can play them. In addition to using normal playback, you can also repeat paragraphs that you want to practice, or slow down playback, making it easier for you to keep up with music to learn to play fast decorative sounds. In addition, you can connect your smartphone to an audio input terminal and play songs from your music library or network. The drum source is equipped with a USB interface that provides a convenient way to connect, allowing you to record audio directly with MIDI data into your DAW recording software.

Specification drum configuration drum source: TD-25 x 1
V-Pad (drum): PD-128S-BC x 1
V-Pad (tom 1, tom 2, tom 3): PDX-100 x 3
V-Hi-hat: VH-11 x 1
V-Cymbal crash: CY-12C x 2
V-Cymbal ride: CY-13R x 1
Drum: KD-180 x1 (recommended)
Drum rack: MDS-9SC x1 (recommended) additional picker input joint 1 (AUX) accessory set-up guide purchase equipped with a pickup bracket: MDY series
Strike plate bracket: MDH series
Personal drum monitor speaker: PM series
Stereo headphones: RH-300V
V-Drums Accessories Pack: DAP-3X
V-Drums original carpet: TDM-10, TDM-20 size (using MDS-9SC)) width 1,300 mm
51-3/16 inches 1,200 mm deep
47-1/4 inches 1,250 mm high
49-1/4 inches weight (including MDS-9SC drum frame) weighs 25.1 kg
55 lbs 6 oz

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