(2021 solid wood high-end board) YAMAHA JR2S 3/4 size compact veneer steel wire wood guitar


HK$1,988.00  HK$2,680.00

[Single panel specification "JR2S" panel]

YAMAHA JR2 is a splint model,

JR2S It is an upgraded version of solid wood veneer model (solid top)

The top model of the popular mini acoustic guitar "JR 2" board, single board specifications and improved sound.

Panel Spruce
Back and side panels Liuanmu
The neck is all wood
Fingerboard rosewood
Piano bridge rosewood
Chord length 541mm
Die-cast chrome reel
Polished satin light
Box depth 80-90mm
Item 20
Knob die-cast chrome
Color wood color

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