(Recommended by the 2021 store manager) Ena FS-110 88-key digital piano keyboard


HK$2,680.00  HK$4,680.00

Ena FS-110, as the factory's main product in 2021, has breakthrough innovations in its acoustics and design.

Acoustic design

The digital piano on the market is getting bigger and bigger The smaller the size, manufacturers use very thin speakers in order to save space.

This makes most The extremely fine digital piano, the sound that pops up, is like a toy.

Ena FS-110 body is made of aluminum alloy , which is extremely light. Extremely hard, it helps sound reflection and reduces absorption more than a plastic case.

And using acoustic pulse technology, the piano body is designed in a trapezoidal shape, so that the small speaker can play more than three times the efficiency in a limited space. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sound Source (Sound Module)

It adopts extremely fine SDS fast storage memory, which is characterized by fast response and does not occupy the space of the piano body, and SDS can store a large number of samples (Sample), which makes the sound more rich.

Percussion keyboard design

Ena FS-110 imitates a classical grand piano, made of matte wood keyboard Exquisite imitation wood texture can effectively prevent hand sweat, fingerprints and other problems.

Bluetooth function

Ena FS-110 supports two Bluetooth functions, namely MIDI and AUDIO.

MIDI can wirelessly connect to the learning APP of the telephone, or the computer, etc.

Audio can be connected to the phone to play songs, using the speakers in the body as Bluetooth speakers are used.

Effective recycling

Cheap plastic electronic musical instrument toys, every piece Plastics have put more pressure on our planet. FS-110 uses environmentally friendly aluminum alloy materials. Compared with plastics, it can be effectively recycled and is more environmentally friendly . While giving musical instruments a second life, it ensures sustainable development.

Product information

Product nameEna fs-110
Keyboard 88 keys standard keys
35 sound effects
Maximum number of voices 128
Tap machine has
Material ABS, aluminum alloy
Audio output 25W*25W
Color white/black
Bluetooth has
MIDI has
Weight 9.5kg
Volume length 128.5 x width 22.5 x height 8.5cm
Power supply 15V3A

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