ROLAND KC-110 Portable Stereo Keyboard Speaker


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ROLAND KC-110: Battery Powered Keyboard Speaker

The world's first stereo keyboard speaker powered by AA batteries!

With the introduction of the KC-110 Stereo Keyboard Speaker, the ROLAND speaker series has added another product with a "world's first" pedigree - the KC-110 is the first true professional high-quality stereo that can be powered by AA batteries at the same time Take it anywhere, connect the instrument to enjoy the experience, I believe it will bring the iconic sound of ROLAND to every corner.

The world's first stereo keyboard speaker that can be powered by AA batteries!

Can be powered by AA batteries, AA rechargeable batteries or AC adaptor (transformer is included with this unit)

High-efficiency 30W rated power (15W+15W), two 6.5-inch (16CM) speakers

Built-in high-quality digital effects: reverb, chorus, "WIDE CHROUS" and EQ controls; effects switch can be controlled using an external pedal (sold separately)

Three channels with independent volume adjustment

Interface: 1 set of mic/instrument input, 2 sets of stereo input, 1 set of stereo auxiliary input, 1 set of stereo line output and headphone output

Can be mounted on a speaker stand (speaker stand sold separately)

Built-in recessed bevel bracket

Removable overall battery compartment design for easy battery replacement

KC-110: Battery Powered Keyboard Speaker

The world's first stereo keyboard speaker powered by AA batteries!

true stereo

KC-110 can provide pure and rich spatial stereo surround effect. It has a two-channel (15W+15W) design, which can give full play to the chorus effect of "WIDE" mode, plus gorgeous stereo reverb. , which enhances vocals as well as a variety of instruments, and its built-in recessed beveled stand provides ideal amp placement.

Built-in effects

The KC-110's built-in effects can enhance and beautify your vocals and instruments, including EQ, reverb and chorus, and the "WIDE" mode lets you experience dynamic stereo effects. In order to free your hands, you can use an external pedal to control the on and off of these effects.

A variety of input and output interfaces

Whether it is a solo or an ensemble of several people, the KC-110 provides a variety of connection methods to meet your needs. It has a total of 3 channels, each with an independent volume control. Channel 1 is a mic/line input with XLR. and unbalanced connectors for your use; channels 2 and 3 are stereo line inputs. You can also connect an MP3 or CD player to the aux input to play accompaniments. Of course, the KC-110 is also equipped with stereo output and headphone output.

KC-110: Battery Powered Keyboard Speaker

The world's first stereo keyboard speaker powered by AA batteries!

Rated output power

15 W + 15 W (when using transformer)

10 W + 10 W (when using alkaline batteries)

Rated input level (1 KHZ)

CH 1 (mic/linear): -50 to -20 DBU

CH 2, 3 (Linear): -20 DBU

Auxiliary Input: -10 DBU

Rated output level

Linear output: -10 DBU


16 cm (6.5 inches) X 2

Treble X 2


Channel control: CH1 volume knob, CH2 volume knob, CH3 volume knob

Master: Effect Knob, (EQ) Low Frequency Knob, High Frequency Knob, Volume Knob

Auxiliary Input: Volume Knob


indicator light

Power Indicator


Channel 1 input jack (XLR type, 1/4" phone type)

Channel 2 input jacks L/MONO, R (1/4" phone type)

Channel 3 input jacks L/MONO, R (1/4" phone type)

Auxiliary input jack (RCA type, Stereo miniature phone type)

Line output jacks L/MONO, R (1/4" phone type)

Headphone jack (stereo 1/4" headphone type)

Foot switch jack (1/4" phone type)

DC input power interface

power supply

AC adapter (included, DC 13 V),

Dry battery LR6 (AA) type (alkaline) X 8, or rechargeable battery HR6 (AA) (NiMH) X 8


550 MA

battery life

Alkaline: about 7 hours

NiMH: about 8 hours

* The usage time may vary depending on the actual usage.


Instruction Manual, AC Adapter, Power Cord


Speaker Stand: ST-A95

Foot switch: BOSS FS-5U (effect)

Volume and weight (without battery)









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