ROLAND KC-150 Stereo Keyboard Speaker


HK$2,480.00  HK$3,180.00

ROLAND KC-150: Four-channel stereo keyboard active speaker

KC-150 is a 65-watt 4-channel keyboard speaker with auxiliary and microphone inputs. KC-150 can also expand the bass through options.

Four-channel 65W/12-inch speaker speaker

With stereo; auxiliary input (RCA) and XLR microphone input

2-band equalization and bass input can be expanded by KCW-1

With headphone output

4-channel mixing

KC-150 has 4 mono inputs, earphone input and stereo auxiliary input for connecting to CD.

With heavy bass extension

Need more bass? You only need to purchase the bass part separately, such as ROLAND's KCW-1. You will get a very good sound.

Easy to transport

The KC series has taken into consideration the transportation on the road, and all models have handles for easy transportation. The outer covering is durable and beautiful felt, which can effectively protect the body from the external environment and make the service life longer.

Average output power output 65 W Speaker 30 CM (12 inches) X 1, Tweeter X 1 Rated input level (1 KHZ) Channel 1 (Mic/Linear) -50 TO -20 DBU Channel 2, 3, 4 (Linear)- 20 DBU auxiliary input-10 DBU rated output level (1 KHZ) linear output + 4 DBU subwoofer output + 4 DBU controller channel 1 (microphone/linear) volume knob

Channel 2 (linear) volume knob

Channel 3 (linear) volume knob

Channel 4 (monitor) volume knob

Equalization (low) knob

Equalization (high) knob

Volume knob

Power switch indicator power indicator interface channel 1 input interface (1/4 inch XLR type)

Channel 2 input interface (1/4 inch phone type)

Channel 3 input interface (1/4 inch phone type)

Channel 4 input interface (1/4 inch phone type)

Auxiliary input interface (RCA earphone type)

Linear output interface (1/4 inch phone type)

Subwoofer output (1/4 inch phone type)

Headphone jack (1/4 inch TRS type, mono signal output) Power supply voltage AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V Power 55 W Accessory manual Volume and weight Width 480 MM depth 295 MM height 435 MM weight 14.0 KG

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