Accessories Roland RH-300 professional stereo monitor headphones


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

RH-300 is Roland's top earphone, with high-quality sound, professional quality and appearance.

Really reproduce sound quality, the best monitoring equipment for digital musical instruments

The newly developed 45mm neodymium magnetic structure provides a wider dynamic range and stable output

Whether it is Fantom-X synthesizer sound, high-quality piano sound or V-Drums sound

RH-300 can accurately reproduce every sound detail

Elegant and professional appearance design, comfortable cushions, it is not uncomfortable to wear for a long time

OFC 3.4m cable with headphone adapter


RH-300: V-Drums headphone

RH-300 earphones allow you to obtain better personal monitoring effects when playing electronic drums.

Bring you a more precise and powerful sound.

From the strong bass of the kick drum to the bright treble of the cymbal,

The performance of RH-300 earphones with compact low frequency and wide frequency band can make your personal practice more satisfying and enjoyable.

This unique headset is also very suitable for Roland’s electronic percussion products,

Including OCTAPAD SPD-30, SPD-SX pad and HandSonic HPD-20 tambourine.

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