Roland Cube Street Speaker


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Roland Cube Street Speaker


Cube Street: Stereo Battery Power Supply


Travel musician ultimate speaker




If you are a often out of music, the new Cube Street is designed for you. Regardless of rehearsal, class, street performance or any occasion that requires portability and versatility, Cube Street's battery power makes you freely move. The Cube Street provides an amazing sound effect and large volume output by a pair of high expression of neodymium monolithic speakers. Built-in effect and speaker simulation!


Compact, very light weight stereo tilt box design speaker

Large volume output

Two 6.5 "high performance neodymium single speakers

Battery power supply (6 × AA, continuous use for up to 15 hours)

Guitar / Musical Instrument and Mike / Linear Dual Channel Structure

8 COMS amplifiers, 6 types of digital effects and halftone tunnel

2 pieces of microphone passage, delay / reverb

AC adapter

Travel musician ultimate speaker


Excellent sound performance

The Roland Cube speaker has always been known for its exceptional performance, and Cube Street is no exception. The sound of two pairs of high expressive pylonian panel speakers is surprising that the volume performance can be said to be "small body, big energy". The best is that the six AA alkaline batteries can operate for 15 hours.


8 panel amplifiers

Hidden below the surface, the Cube Street is actually provided by built-in COSM amplifier technology with eight different amplifiers. From Classic Tube-Driven Blues to Modern Metal Stacks, COSM Technology Simulates the Detail of Famous Speaker Details is the world-famous - from the front amplifier and circuit to the speaker.


Extra function

Cube Street has many additional features to make your performance simpler, including a built-in chorus regulator and digital effects. If the COSM amplifier mode mentioned above, you can choose six Roland's famous effects to enrich your voice.


Portable professional audio

It combines guitar amplifiers and mini professional audio functions! Dual-channel structure and microphone input feature allow you to sing while playing guitar. Microphone / linear channels can even add delay and reverberation.


choose the color

Classic black or hot red? You can choose it yourself. Like the best Micro-Cube in Roland sales, Cube Street provides opportunities to express your music and visual effects.




Indicator Name Indicator Data

Rated output power 2.5 w + 2.5 w

Rated input level (1 kHz) Mike / linear channel: -50 / -10dBu; guitar / instrument channel: -10 dBU; stereo auxiliary input: -10 dBu

Speaker 16cm x 2

Control power switch (Mike / Linear Channel), Select (Mike / Linear), Volume Trip, Balanced Die (Bass, Top), Delay / Reverberation Dance (Guitar / Musical Channel) Voice Switch, Type Switch, Gain Cover, Volume Touch , Equalization knob (low, medium, high), effect knob, delay / reverberation knob

Indicator tuning, power supply

Connection port (Mike / Linear Channel): Input Interface (XLR Type, 1/4 "Headphone Type), foot switch interface (1/4" TRS headset type); (Guitar / Musical instrument channel): Input interface (1 / 4 "Headphone Type), pedal switch interface (1/4" TRS headphone type), stereo auxiliary input interface (stereo mini earphone type), headphone interface (stereo 1/4 "earphone type), transformer

Power DC 9 V: Transformer or Battery (LR6 (AA) type) (optional) × 6

Current 235 mA

Accessories power cord, transformer, user manual

Buy a backpack, foot switch (BOSS FS-5U, FS- 6), cable (PCS-31)

Volume 415 (w) × 295 (d) × 250 (h) mm

Weight 5.2 kg (including battery)

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