ENA sound-absorbing wallpaper wall covering fireproof waterproof anti-scratch anti-mildew


HK$130.00  HK$190.00

ENA is safe and effective, the designated brand of major institutions

  • Hotels, government departments, etc. have strict requirements on materials
  • ENA sound insulation, sound absorption products have been used in the following properties
  • Places that need to be licensed can also be used with peace of mind

6H grade super wear resistance

    • Highly fade resistant for long-lasting color guarantee
    • Can withstand daily cleaning and friction, maintain a good appearance
    • In line with international standards, the quality is guaranteed

      All water-based formaldehyde resistance



      • Patented formaldehyde removal technology,Effectively remove indoor formaldehyde pollution
      • Friendly to human body and environment, non-toxic and harmless
      • Has a long-lasting formaldehyde removal effect, providing you with a healthy indoor air

      Breathable and anti-mildew



      • The product has good air permeability, which helps to regulate indoor humidity
      • Moisture-proof and mildew-proof function, effectively avoid wall damp and mildew
      • Extend product life and reduce maintenance costs

      Sound absorption coefficient 0.15~0.35



      • Stable sound absorption performance, suitable for various scenes, such as home, office, hotel, etc.
      • Different sound absorption coefficients can be selected according to the needs to meet the specific space

      product details

      • The price is for 1 square meter
      • The error of each sheet is 1~3 mm
      • price for one piece
      • Delivery in 10-meter-square-meter boxes or above, self-pickup at Mong Kok store or SF Express in bulk
      • Once the building materials are purchased, there is no return or exchange
      • If the customer installs by himself or hires another master, he shall bear the project quality and risks by himself

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