ENA sound insulation cotton Winter Owl combination sound insulation panel sound-absorbing panel


HK$580.00  HK$2,900.00

(Easiest Solution) ENA Residential Acoustic Panel Project - Completed on the same day

Suitable for rooms with existing walls, ceilings, floors

All DIY sound insulation or sound absorption materials may not be effective in reducing noise.
But as long as the root cause of the problem is found, the simplest sound insulation improvement project can be started immediately.

product details:

Make the product have sound absorption and sound insulation functions at the same time.

Internal details:

Acoustic sound-absorbing cloth is used on the surface to effectively improve the indoor echo problem.

product details:

  • Dimensions80 x 60cm x 2.3cm
  • Sound insulation engineering building materials
  • priceincludedSF Express Home Delivery
  • After shipment, the bank will send a tracking number to the customer, please contact us when receiving the goodsMeet with SF Express.

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