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Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 (Hong Kong licensed) DJ controller

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 (Hong Kong licensed) DJ controller

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Original factory maintenance method

When purchasing a new product, please fill in the original warranty card that comes with it.

Hong Kong original factory one-year maintenance, non-human damage

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The price includes door-to-door delivery by SF Express.

Products in stock can be picked up at the Mong Kok main store:

Full Floor, 9th Floor, Bank of East Asia Mongkok Building, 638-640 Nathan Road, Mongkok

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DJ-FLX10: The controller of choice for professional DJs

Innovative performance, built for the dance floor

The DDJ-FLX10 controller is a high-end device designed for professional DJs. It stands out with its unique TRACK SEPARATION feature, allowing DJs to easily control beats and vocals on the dance floor. The DDJ-FLX10 not only provides the possibility of fast live improvisation, but also has more creativity than ever before, making innovative performances possible.

The main function

  • Innovative TRACK SEPARATION function : Through this technology, DJs can independently operate VOCAL, DRUMS, INST and other elements in the music, and visually track the performance content through color-coded buttons, bringing an unprecedented performance experience.
  • ACTIVE PART & PART ISO : This allows muting and volume control of individual parts, allowing for entirely new mixing and improvisational possibilities.
  • FX PART SELECT : Allow a specific part to be independently affected by sound effects, adding variety to the mix.
  • PART INSTANT DOUBLES : Separate specific sound parts, allowing DJs to scratch on different surfaces to create unique effects.
  • ON JOG DISPLAY : This function is derived from the DDJ-1000 controller and provides 4 optional display information, including MIX POINT LINK operation information, rekordbox lead singer position analysis information, etc., allowing DJs to focus more on the performance.
  • MIX POINT LINK function : rekordbox’s newly equipped MIX POINT LINK function can seamlessly and smoothly connect the mixing progress and enhance creative operations.

Other innovation highlights

  • DMX terminal: Through the DMX terminal, DJs can easily control dynamic lighting and provide a visual feast for the audience.
  • 4-sensor MAGVEL FADER: first used on a DJ controller, providing more refined volume control.
  • Compatibility: Supports rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, and supports DVS function.
  • MULTICOLOR JOG RING: Visually help the audience understand the content of the part performance.

Complete connectivity and support

  • USB Type-C: Provides fast and stable connection performance.
  • Pitch'n Time DJ Certificate Included: Get Serato DJ's Expansion Pack features for free.
  • PERFORMANCE PADS: Control HOT CUES, PAD FX, etc. to improve real-time performance effects.
  • Firmware Update Manager : Automatically notify and download the latest firmware to keep products up-to-date.
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