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Pioneer DDJ-REV1 (Hong Kong licensed) DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite

Pioneer DDJ-REV1 (Hong Kong licensed) DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite

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Original factory maintenance method

When purchasing a new product, please fill in the original warranty card that comes with it.

Hong Kong original factory one-year maintenance, non-human damage

Local door-to-door delivery

The price includes door-to-door delivery by SF Express.

Products in stock can be picked up at the Mong Kok main store:

Full Floor, 9th Floor, Bank of East Asia Mongkok Building, 638-640 Nathan Road, Mongkok

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DDJ-REV1 pairs perfectly with free Serato DJ Lite software and features a new battle-style layout that's easy to use and perfect for playing like a pro. This 2-channel DJ controller is designed to emulate a professional DJM-S mixer + PLX turntable setup, including dedicated features for open format and scratch DJing.

Brand new combat style layout

Experience for yourself an interface designed to emulate 2 PLX turntables and a DJM-S Series mixer - the kind of setup used by professional combat DJs. Thanks to the new arrangement of the controls on the DDJ-REV1, there's plenty of room to perform mixing and scratching techniques. The Tempo sliders are 60mm longer (longer than those on the DDJ-SB3 to give you finer control), and they run horizontally above the deck, while the Performance pad has been moved to the Mixer section so you can intuitively Combine effects, trigger samples and scratch your tracks.

Larger jog wheel

The larger the jog wheel, the better the grip. The knobs on the DDJ-REV1 are the same size as those on the DDJ-SR2, a popular controller in our range.

Leveraged FX

Dynamically add texture to your music with Lever FX. Pull the levers down and hold them to apply Serato DJ Lite's effects for a short period of time, or push the levers up to lock the effect, freeing your hands for scratching or track browsing.

Track Scratches: Get Help with Scratches

As you move the jog wheel from back to front or remove your hand, the tracking scratch feature silently brings the music back to the cue point, eliminating the need for you to close the fader and find the right spot in the music to start scratching again. All you need to do is select the Tracking Pad mode, press the performance pad to select the scratch crossfader cut mode you want to use, and start moving jog.

Mix microphone audio: Easily add your voice while live streaming

For the first time in this class of Pioneer DJ controllers, if you plug in a microphone, the output of the main audio will be mixed with the sound from the microphone. This means you don't need any external equipment, such as a sound card or separate device. If you want to add speech or vocals to your performance and send them through your computer, use a mixer. All sounds are sent to Serato DJ Lite so you can stream from there.

Serato DJ Lite Integration: Making the Most of Free Software

After downloading Serato DJ Lite to your PC/Mac for free, you only need to connect the DDJ-REV1 via the included USB cable to start DJing. Enjoy tactile control of various functions and effects in the software by operating the buttons, knobs, faders and wheels on the controller.

With Scratch Bank pad mode, you can instantly load scratch samples from any of the four banks you've assigned in Serato DJ Lite or Pro by simply clicking the dedicated Scratch Bank button.

main feature

Compatible DJ software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro ( excluding license/subscription)

Software system requirements


  • DDJ-REV1
  • USB cable
  • Warranty (available in some areas)
  • Quick start guide
  • Precautions for use






Sound Card

24 bit/48 kHz

signal-to-noise ratio

103 decibels


< 0.005%



energy consumption

5V 500mA



power supply

USB Type-B bus power supply

Frequency Range

20 - 20000 Hz

Performance control



deck control


Trim knob


Jog wheel (largest size)






Hot Tips


Pad mode

  • hot tip
  • automatic cycle
  • track scratches
  • Sampler
  • Trans
  • scratch bank

Manual cycle


automatic cycle



Channel fader start


Crossfader start


Crossfader curve adjustment




1 MIC (1/4-inch TS jack)


  • 1 master (RCA)
  • 1 headphone (3.5 mm stereo mini jack)


1 USB B port
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