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Pioneer DJM-A9 (Licensed in Hong Kong) 4-channel professional DJ mixer

Pioneer DJM-A9 (Licensed in Hong Kong) 4-channel professional DJ mixer

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Original factory maintenance method

When purchasing a new product, please fill in the original warranty card that comes with it.

Hong Kong original factory one-year maintenance, non-human damage

Local door-to-door delivery

The price includes door-to-door delivery by SF Express.

Products in stock can be picked up at the Mong Kok main store:

Full Floor, 9th Floor, Bank of East Asia Mongkok Building, 638-640 Nathan Road, Mongkok

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The 4-channel DJM-A9 raises the bar for club standard mixers - a huge upgrade over its predecessor, the DJM-900NXS2 - with stunningly clear sound quality, enhanced playability and connectivity, and a host of new features , helping you take your performance to the next level. The DJM-A9 has also been improved as an instrument, allowing for more emotional and dynamic performances while retaining the features and layout that have become club standards.

Stunningly clear sound quality

DJM-A9's next-generation club sound comes from extensive development and fine-tuning of existing technology from previous devices, as well as all-new components. The channel input section is equipped with ESS Technology 32-bit high-quality A/D converters, which provide crystal clear, high-resolution sound, while the main output section and booth output section use 32-bit high-quality D converters from ESS Technology /A converter. Same brand, so you can experience the same sound from your booth monitors that the crowd hears on the dance floor. The sound quality of the microphone input and headphone output has also been improved through carefully selected new parts and design optimizations.

Evolved playability

Increased spacing around the EQ knob gives you room to move your fingers, and advanced bright LEDs in the channel sections make it easier than ever to intuitively grasp sound levels. You can perform more dynamically than ever before thanks to the frequency response of the isolators, which have been optimized to take advantage of the latest music production features. And, with higher-quality, smoother channel faders than the DJM-900NXS2, plus a third-generation MAGVEL FADER crossfader, you can enjoy silky-smooth mixes and fast, stable scratching.

Sound Color FX features the world's first Center Lock knob

Turn on the new Center Lock feature and when you use the popular Sound Color FX, each knob will stop turning when it reaches the center position. This means you can turn the knob as quickly as you like, cranking the effect up to the highest highs, or the lowest to the lowest bass parameters, without having to worry about going too far and switching to the opposite parameter. When you turn off Center Lock, the Sound Color FX knobs behave the same as those on the DJM-900NXS2.

New and advanced Beat FX

The new color display helps you quickly and accurately understand the status of your selected effects, and it features lights that correspond to the X-Pad's horizontal arrangement for more intuitive control with a simple finger swipe. You can use the X-Pad to alter the echo and ping-pong effects to create unique analog tape-style sounds. And, out of a total of 14 Beat FX, you can use 3 new Beat FX (Mobius, Triplet Filter, and Triplet Roll) to add extra variety to your performances.

Even better, the channel selector is now a dedicated button, allowing you to quickly apply effects to the selected channel.

Enhanced microphone section

The phantom-powered input means you can connect a high-quality condenser microphone directly to the DJM-A9, a feature never seen on a DJ mixer. There are also 3 new microphone effects (Echo, Tone, Amplifier) ​​and a dedicated reverb effect so you can transform your voice and thrill your audience with your singing.

When you want to pick up the microphone and speak to your audience, use the new push-to-talk button to quickly and easily turn the microphone input on or off. If you wish, you can exclude the microphone audio from the recording output, so you can host for a live crowd but record a mix without vocals.

Expand connectivity

Dual USB Type-B and USB Type-C ports (2 each) allow you to connect to 2 different PC/Mac systems simultaneously for seamless transitions between DJing and easy back-to-back setups. And, with a Bluetooth® input that can be routed to any channel on the DJM-A9, you can wirelessly drop tracks into your setup from other devices, such as your smartphone, and use all of the mixer’s features and effects to transform the sound . The multi-I/O section features independent channel selectors so external effects can be used separately from Beat FX, giving the DJM-A9 true send capabilities. This means you can route an effect sound from an external device (such as an RMX-1000 or delay pedal) to a separate channel than its source channel.

Dual independent headphone outputs with booth equalizer

Plug in headphones at the same time as another DJ and enjoy the freedom to monitor the channels you want. Each set of headphones has independent cue buttons, volume knobs and mix balance knobs, allowing 2 DJs to easily cue tracks during transitions and continuous playback. Plus, with the 2-band booth EQ, you can change the high and low frequencies to complement the main output and match the mood in the booth to the feeling on the dance floor.

Supports the new Stagehand app and built-in sound check functionality

DJM-A9 is compatible with Stagehand , the industry's first PRO DJ LINK remote management application for front-of-house teams. Using an iPad wirelessly connected to the mixer via a LAN router (available separately), engineers can keep tabs on things like level meters and the DJ's use of mixer controls, making it easier to maximize the sound system's setup and operation Enjoy a smoother, more impactful performance without interrupting the DJ's performance or even entering the booth. To download the Stagehand app, visit the App Store .

main feature

MIDI control

Fully assignable MIDI control

Professional DJ Links


Booth equalizer


P-Lock Fader Cap


Automatic standby


Distributed power control

  • Recording box
  • Serato DJ Pro (Requires purchased license or subscription.)

Software system requirements

Please visit for specifications.
Please visit for specifications.

Bluetooth audio input

  • Wireless system: Bluetooth Ver.5.0
  • Maximum transmission distance: about 10 m in barrier-free environment (transmission distance is for reference only)
  • Frequency band used: 2.4 GHz
  • Modulation method: FH-SS (frequency hopping spread spectrum)
  • Compatible codecs: SBC, AAC

wireless network

  • Supported standards: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Frequency band used: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz


  • DJM-A9
  • power cable
  • Warranty (available in some areas)
  • Quick start guide
  • Precautions for use


Dimensions (width x depth x height)

  • 407.4 x 107.9 x 458.3 mm
  • 407.4 x 140.7 x 458.3 mm (when wireless antenna is upright)

sampling rate


CH input A/D converter

32 bit




32 bit

signal-to-noise ratio line

105 decibels

signal-to-noise ratio record player

88 decibels

signal-to-noise ratio microphone

79 decibels


< 0.005 % (line)



3 bands

EQ range

Built-in, switchable 3-band equalizer: -26 dB ~ +6 dB dB

Performance control



Multiple input/output

USB (Type A)

timbre effect

  • space
  • dubbing echo
  • sweep
  • noise
  • crush
  • filter

beat effect

  • Delay
  • echo
  • table tennis
  • spiral
  • spiral
  • reverberation
  • edging
  • Phase shifter
  • filter
  • triplet filter
  • Trans
  • roll
  • triple volume
  • Moebius

screen display




rekordbox quantification



Crossfader type

Magvel Fader

Assignable curves


putter curve



Microphone connection

  • XLR/1/4 inch combo jack
  • 1/4 inch TRS jack

microphone equalizer

2 bands

Microphone equalizer range


Phantom power


microphone effect

  • echo
  • asphalt
  • loudspeaker
  • reverberation

Push to talk function



Dedicated button

talk attenuator




  • 4 digits (coaxial)
  • 4 wire (RCA)
  • 4 record player (RCA)


  • 1 SEND (1/4 inch TS jack)
  • 1 RETURN (1/4-inch TS jack)




  • 1 master (XLR, RCA)
  • 1 booth (1/4" TRS jack)
  • 2 Headphone monitors (1/4 inch jack, mini jack)
  • 1 recording output (RCA)
  • 1 digital (coaxial)


  • 1 USB A port
  • 2 USB B ports
  • 2 USB C ports
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