Roland Aerophone GO AE-01 Electronic Silent Saxophone


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The fastest musical instrument
If you have always wanted to learn a musical instrument, Aerophone mini is a shortcut to realize your dreams. This interesting modern blowpipe is very simple, so you can quickly play along with your favorite songs. The fingering is simple and easy to understand, unlike piano, guitar or ukulele that requires learning complicated chords. Six built-in excellent tones allow you to explore different music styles, and the compact design allows you to take it with you.
Through the Bluetooth connection of Aerophone mini and the free app, you can quickly expand your music experience and make faster progress. This app contains more than 50 additional sounds, and a variety of easy-to-learn courses to get you started. You can also play a song from your mobile device and play along with the song! Plug in the headphones and you can immerse yourself in the new world of music without disturbing anyone.
The sound world that inspires imagination
Aerophone mini provides a variety of instrument sounds, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music. Built-in saxophone, flute, violin, clarinet, trumpet and synthesizer sounds, providing different traditional and modern sounds for you to explore music. By connecting to the Aerophone mini Plus app via Bluetooth, you can also use more than 50 other tones immediately. In the app, the tones are divided into categories, allowing you to easily find new tones for inspiration.
Simple fingering can be used quickly
The recorder is the most popular wind instrument, and guide children to start playing music. Maybe you have learned it in school. Aerophone mini’s fingering is inherited from the recorder, allowing you to play music in a few minutes. With the use of the attached app, you can instantly transpose the sound source sound easily. This also means that you only need to learn one fingering to be able to play almost any song!
Simple breathing control
Traditional wind instruments want to play accurate pitch and timbre, they need to focus on breathing control skills, so it takes some time to control. But with the power of the digital audio engine and expressive breathing sensor, the Aerophone mini can immediately make a beautiful sound. Just learn simple fingering, blow into the mouthpiece, and you can play as you like!
Can start playing right away
The Aerophone mini Plus app program allows you to start learning at full speed in a simple accompaniment course with 11 etudes. This app can directly watch the fingering display of each note, so there is no need to deal with complicated music scores. With the adjustable speed function, you can start practicing at a slower speed, and then gradually increase the speed when you are more confident. You can also play streaming songs from your music library in this app, and it can even turn the vocal lead singer into a karaoke-style performance and accompaniment music.
Put on headphones and practice anytime, anywhere
With Aerophone mini, you can easily enjoy playing music without worrying about disturbing your family or neighbors. Just plug in the earphones to mute the built-in speaker, no worries about noise, and hone your skills as you like. Streaming music played from the app can also be played through headphones, bringing you an immersive music experience.

Tailor your own Aerophone
The Aerophone mini Plus app provides a variety of instrument customization functions, which can be more refined with you. For example, you can easily customize your performance response by adjusting your breathing sensitivity. Increasing the setting value allows you to play with very light breathing, which is very suitable for beginners. You can also create your own unique fingering, you can save 10 sets of settings for you to recall at any time.
Play and record instruments in the music app
Nowadays, a variety of music production app programs contain a variety of software sound sources, which can be used for performance and recording through MIDI. Aerophone mini supports wireless transmission of MIDI via Bluetooth. As long as you are ready, you can start the next step and start creating your own music.

Specifications Button configuration recorder sound source PCM synthesizer tone 6 kinds of effects Reverb (reverberation) control device breathing sensor
Playing keys
Octave octave up and down keys
Function keys Bluetooth Ver 4.2 Profile Support: A2DP (Audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
Codec: SBC (content protection that supports SCMS-T method) connection terminal PHONES/OUTPUT headphone / output jack: stereo mini headphone type
USB COMPUTER port (micro B Type, support power supply) Built-in speaker 2.8 cm, 1.5 W power supply USB AC adapter (available separately)
Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) (available separately) x 4 current 400 mA battery life under continuous use (depending on the actual conditions of use) Ni-MH battery: about 10 hours (when using a battery with a capacity of 1,900 mAh)

* Cannot use carbon-zinc battery or alkaline battery accessory manual
Mouthpiece cover
USB cable (Power (Type A)) optional equipment (available separately) Replaceable mouthpiece: OP-AE01MP, OP-AE05MPH

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