Roland Aerophone GO AE-05 Electronic Silent Saxophone


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Roland Aerophone GO / AE05 electronic blowpipe, electric blowpipe Built-in tone, speaker 

R oland Aerophone GO AE05 built-in 11 kinds of expressive instrument sounds,

Contains a variety of wind instruments, such as saxophone, clarinet, flute, and trumpet.

Compatible with SAX fingering, built-in speakers, can be connected to a computer to use software tones, support immediate transfer, support iPhone, iPad

Roland Aerophone GO, also known as AE-05, has built-in 11 expressive instrument sounds, including a variety of wind instruments, such as saxophone, clarinet, flute, and trumpet. With battery-powered and built-in speakers, you can play improvisational performances just by plugging in headphones, regardless of venue space, and you will not be afraid of being protested by neighbors when you play at night. You can enjoy the fun of wind music anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Roland Aerophone GO can wirelessly connect to your smartphone to get extra sounds, play along with your favorite songs, or perform in ensemble with up to six musicians, allowing you to easily explore the classic world of wind music.

  • Built-in 11 instrument sounds, compatible with traditional saxophone fingering
  • The mouthpiece has a sensitive breathing sensor and reed structure, which can control vibrato and portamento
  • A variety of saxophone tones, including treble, midrange, tenor and bass, etc., support immediate transposition
  • A variety of traditional musical instrument sounds, including wind instruments (clarinet, flute, and trumpet) and stringed instruments (violin)
  • Built-in Roland's latest synthesizer sound, optimally adjusted to show breathing control
  • The display can provide tone selection and setting operations
  • Built-in monitor speakers and headphone output, you can play anytime, anywhere
  • Battery powered (4 AA batteries) can continue to play for up to about 10 hours
  • You can use the Bluetooth® audio function to play along with your favorite music in your phone
  • You can use the Aerophone GO Ensemble app to play with six friends, both iOS and Android devices
  • Easily connect to computer DAW via USB
  • Can be played with connected smartphone accompaniment
  • Use the Aerophone GO Plus app via iOS or Android devices to use 50 tones

Compatible with traditional saxophone fingering, built-in multiple tones

Roland Aerophone GO is a groundbreaking digital blowpipe that can be integrated with traditional saxophone fingering and has a variety of built-in tones you need, as well as a breathing sensor that responds just like your favorite traditional blowpipe, allowing experienced musicians Immediately there is a strong sense of belonging. A large selection of tones faithfully reproduce various types of saxophones from soprano to baritone. There are also woodwind instruments such as clarinet and trumpets, string instruments and even synthesizers. In addition, the breath sensor set on the sensitive mouthpiece also has the function of a bite sensor, providing expression skills such as vibrato and pitch. The diversified functions of Roland Aerophone GO allow you to easily cope with the performance needs of various music occasions.


Your performance stage anytime, anywhere

Roland Aerophone GO can be powered by four Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (AA), allowing you to take it with you to play anywhere. The built-in speakers can deliver high-quality sounds, and you can play as you like without external speakers and cumbersome connection procedures. After connecting the headset, you will not worry about disturbing your family and neighbors, day and night.


Easily start the journey of playing

Roland Aerophone GO weighs only 695 grams and is very lightweight. It comes with a nice carrying bag, making it easier for you to accompany you on your music journey.


Ensemble with friends

Using the Aerophone GO Ensemble app, up to 6 Aerophone GO players can connect wirelessly and play together. After connecting to this free app, each ensemble member can use 19 tones in their smartphones, and each player can choose a different tone. The sound of the group ensemble is mixed by a smartphone. By connecting a small monitor speaker (such as the battery-powered Roland Cube Street EX), each player can listen to the ensemble effect and coordinate with each other. It is very suitable for street performances, improvisations or lessons. Teaching and other applications.


Easy to master the transposition function

If you want to play the saxophone, understanding the transposition is one of the important tasks. The saxophone is a transposing instrument, which means that the tune you blow is different from the notation on the sheet music. For example, if a guitarist, pianist, and saxophone player perform an impromptu ensemble in the key of C, for the alto saxophone, you need to play the key of A, and for the tenor saxophone, you need to play the key of D. The pitch function of Roland Aerophone GO allows you to easily shift the pitch between reading, playing and actually hearing the pitch.


Smart phone App allows you to learn your favorite music faster

Roland Aerophone GO provides Bluetooth wireless connection function to connect with smart phones, which will make it more convenient to use. Aerophone GO Plus is a free app that allows you to follow your mobile phone to learn your favorite music. It provides a variety of ways to learn songs, such as slowing down the playback speed of the music, or looping a certain section of the music, so that you can communicate with difficulty. High paragraph. This app allows you to use an additional 50 tones, covering a wider range of music styles, and you can even adjust different performance-related settings, such as: breathing sensor, mouthpiece sensor, and fingering type settings.


Application without limits

Roland Aerophone GO electronic blowpipe, also known as electric blowpipe, realizes the use of blowing to play electronic musical instruments, and because of the relationship between electronic musical instruments, many things that were impossible in the past have been realized. For example, you can play many different tones, like It is SAX, flute, violin and other musical instruments, which can be displayed by playing. At the same time, it supports immediate modulation. You can complete the modulation by pressing a key like an electronic piano. You can also connect the Roland Aerophone GO to the computer and use the software tone There are no limits to the ways of arranging and recording. Buying a Roland Aerophone GO electric blowpipe from Demi will teach you how to connect to a computer and use software tones to play and record.






With battery power supply and built-in speakers, you can just plug in headphones and you can play improvisational performances.

Not limited by the space of the venue, no matter how late you play, you are not afraid of being protested by your neighbors. You can enjoy the fun of playing wind music anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Roland Aerophone GO can wirelessly connect to your smartphone for extra sounds,

Play along with your favorite songs, or perform in ensemble with up to six musicians, allowing you to easily explore the classic world of wind music.

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