Roland AX-EDGE-W Shoulder Keyboard


HK$7,439.00  HK$8,999.00

The most eye-catching focus under the spotlight

Today's audiences are most eager to see outstanding performances with strong dynamics. As a performer, you want to be able to interact with music fans and achieve peak performances under the spotlight. AX-Edge is a carefully crafted product based on decades of technical experience and the experience of musicians from all over the world on the ultimate performance synthesizer. AX-Edge has a streamlined and avant-garde design, with replaceable blade side panels to show its personality, equipped with a 49- key standard keyboard, and a sound library specially tailored for shoulder keyboard players. AX-Edge from the inside to the outside, you will find the most delicate and thoughtful design, these features will bring you unrestrained free performance, let you burst with confidence on the stage.



49 keys (with velocity sensor and channel aftertouch )

Sound source


Maximum number of simultaneous voices

256 voices (varies according to the load of the audio source)


4 parts + Vocoder part

Number of tones

User Program: 320

Preset tone : 500 or more

User Voice : 256


Part multi-effects : 79 types

Part EQ part equalizer

Vocoder effects

Program Multi-Effects ( IFX ) : 79 types

Chorus (Harmony) : 8 types

Reverb ( Reverb): 6 types

Master Compressor (Overall Compressor)

Master EQ (Equalizer)

Other functions

Favorite Tone

Song player

Arpeggio Arpeggiator

Vocoder human voice color effect

MIDI master keyboard

Sound Edit (sound editing)

* You can use the AX-Edge Editor app ( Android version/iOS version ) to edit the sound of AX-Edge.

Controller device

Ribbon Controller ribbon controller

Modulation Bar tremolo bar

Self-set function control knob

Master volume knob

Self-set function button x 7


Aftertouch function

Bluetooth Bluetooth

MIDI: Bluetooth Ver. 4.1 ( Bluetooth LE )

Display screen

16 characters 2 lines LCD

External storage device

USB flash drive

Connection terminal

PHONES jack : Stereo 1/4 -inch phone type

OUTPUT jacks ( L/MONO , R ) : 1/4 -inch phone type

MIC INPUT jack : 1/4 -inch phone type

PEDAL jack

MIDI connection terminals ( IN , OUT )


USB COMPUTER port (supports USB MIDI transmission)

DC IN jack

power supply

DC 9 V: AC adaptor or Ni-MH rechargeable battery ( AA , HR6 ) (available separately) x 8


1 , 000 mA

* Battery life under continuous use (varies according to actual usage conditions)

Ni-MH rechargeable battery : about 4 hours

* Do not use carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries




AC adaptor

power cable


Blade panel side panel (including hexagon wrench and screws)

Ferrite core (Fixed tape with fixed magnetic core)

Optional equipment

AX-Edge keyboard stand ( ST-AX2 )

Switch pedal : DP series

Expression pedal : EV-5

Size and weight


1 , 252 mm


291 mm


85 mm

Weight (without AC transformer, battery)

4.2 kg

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