Accessories Roland CY-15R + MDY-12


HK$2,980.00  HK$3,880.00

Roland CY-15R plus MDY-12 bracket set

CY-15R is a 15-inch Ride cymbal, which has exactly the same inertial shaking mechanism as a real Ride cymbal.

CY-15R has 3 sets of sensing devices, which can detect the striking contacts (cymbal edge/cymbal surface/cymbal heart) at different positions, just like hitting a real metal cymbal!

Product specifications:

Diameter: 15 inches

Sensor: 3 (EDGE/BOW/BELL)

Connection terminal: BOW/EDGE/BELL

Dimensions: 376 (W) × 376 (D) × 50 (H) mm

Weight: 1.6kg

MDY-12: Cymbal holder

MDY-12 is a cymbal holder for V-Cymbal pads, with a flexible ball clamp and a foldable mechanical structure arm, used on all Roland MDS series drum rack hardware. Fast and simple assembly and disassembly.

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