ROLAND DP-90SE digital piano made in Japan


HK$21,880.00  HK$29,800.00

Roland DP-90se PES black $21,880

Roland DP-90se PWS white $22,880

Excellent performance, elegant and compact body

With its streamlined appearance, elegance, and Roland's top-notch functions, DP-90Se is a small household piano that is upgraded to a more extreme luxury. It is equipped with the top SuperNATURAL piano sound, through the Dynamic Harmonic function, to further enhance the performance of fort performance, combined with the newly developed ultra-sensitive PHA-4 Concert keyboard with escapement mechanism and ivory texture, allowing you to control the rich changes of SuperNATURAL piano sound Dynamic with nature. The new powerful Individual Note Voicing function allows you to adjust each key of the piano according to your musical needs to create the piano sound you want. The unique Headphone 3D Ambience effect provides you with ample and full sound during your personal practice. It can also be used with Roland's dedicated piano app developed for Apple iOS devices to stimulate your pleasure in playing piano. Thin and stylish, DP90e combines excellent piano performance into a delicate and compact body, perfectly interpreting your fashionable modern life style.


  • SuperNATURAL super-real piano sound source, reproduce the beautiful and natural sound of grand piano
  • The new PHA-4 Premium keyboard is equipped with an escapement mechanism and an ivory-like keyboard, combined with Roland's newly developed touch-sensing technology, with an extremely delicate touch response
  • The new Dynamic Harmonic function can echo your strong performance to show unique sound characteristics and powerful sound
  • Using the Individual Note Voicing function allows you to independently adjust the pitch, volume, and sound characteristics of each tone, allowing you to create a perfect piano tone according to the music style
  • Headphones 3D Ambience effect can provide a richer, more stereo sound experience when you use headphones to enjoy personal exercises
  • The horn system is set on the tripod, which can produce a powerful and beautiful resonance sound
  • The free iPad version of the Piano Partner app allows you to select the tone and music of the DP90, and DigiScore Lite can display the five-line score of the built-in music
  • The free Air Perfomer app allows you to play along with your favorite songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Built-in a large number of music database, including piano classical masterpieces and the most commonly used Czerny 100 and Hanon etudes
  • Metronome and recorder functions are all available; recorder allows you to record your performance as MIDI or audio files (audio recording requires an optional USB flash drive)
  • Equipped with a variety of convenient functions for daily practice, including Volume Limit (volume limit) function and earphone independent volume adjustment function
  • Stylish and compact body with a slow-down lid design
  • DP90e has a stylish black appearance

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