ROLAND F20 Digital Piano


HK$6,998.00  HK$8,998.00

The best choice for the first piano in life

If you are thinking of buying your child's first piano in his life, F-20 will be the best choice. It has Roland's famous piano technology and an affordable price. This small, charming instrument provides the highest quality performance and provides a solid foundation for the correct method of learning an instrument. Its rich and authentic timbre inspires young pianists to discover and cultivate their musical expressive potential. At the same time, the excellent weighted keyboard mechanism from Roland's flagship model provides the true traditional grand piano necessary for correct piano education.的touch key. In addition, the F-20 digital piano has many advantages over traditional pianos, which can stimulate learning motivation and create more playing fun, including recording and metronome functions, built-in rhythm accompaniment, and other sound options besides piano. There is also a free Roland piano app, which allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to be paired with F-20. You can play along with songs and enjoy pleasant interactive functions, providing a great way to encourage children to play.

  • Roland's top piano technology provides the best performance in its class
  • Ivory-textured G-type keyboard with escapement mechanism (Escapement), able to express the touch keys of a real grand piano
  • Equipped with the highly acclaimed SuperNATURAL piano sound engine from Roland's top models, providing the rich and expressive sound of grand pianos
  • Using the free Air Performer app software, you can play along with your favorite songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • The free Piano Partner app for iPad can help you develop basic music listening and notation skills
  • The built-in rhythm function can follow your performance as accompaniment, as well as other sounds such as organ, string, guitar, chorus and so on.
  • The overlapping tone mode allows you to layer the tone, and the split key mode allows you to play different sounds in the left and right hands.
  • Connect a USB flash drive to store the songs recorded by your app’s built-in recorder, and allow you to play along with WAV and SMF songs
  • The compact wooden body is available in modern black or imitated dark walnut; the two colors can be purchased with a matching exclusive stand
  • Built-in DP-10 damper pedal, with continuity sensing function, can apply half pedal and other traditional piano pedal skills

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