(2021 Featured) Roland FP10 FP-10 Digital Piano


HK$4,988.00  HK$6,688.00


✅Size: The smallest and lightest 88-key model

A simplified version of FP-30, the keyboard also uses PHA-4 Standard Keyboard

✅It also uses the sound of SuperNatural, the tone is less than FP-30

✅It also has Bluetooth function , which can be connected to Roland Piano Partner or phone for recording

The following is a comparison between Roland FP-10 digital piano and Roland FP-30:

The difference between the two is that the store manager believes that the most important factors affect the functions of most users. There are three points as follows:

1. The W number of the speaker is 6W, which is the result of roland's pursuit of a lighter version.

2. Three pedals are not supported. After purchasing the X frame, the FP-10 has original single pedals.

3. The color is only black . For many buyers who must be white, it is a big obstacle.

4. The headphone jack is on the back of the piano, with a 3.5mm hole

In other words, although all are new, from the perspective of FP30, there is nothing new at all.

It is a simplified FP30. But don't look at it from the perspective of FP30.

The keyboard weight is exactly the same as the FP30. My intuition is that the Yamaha P-45 should be discontinued directly. The price is cheaper than P45.

1 5 tones are really enough. In addition, Key touch six-stage adjustment, effects, metronome, transposition, and built-in music playback are all the same as the FP30. In addition, there are twin pianos, splits, and layers that are the same as the FP30.

Audition of acoustic piano sound:

Audition of electronic piano sound:

Other tones audition:

The most popular FP series of portable pianos appeared in the most compact models with high portability and high piano quality. The 88-key piano, with a reputation for super expressiveness, is equipped with a natural piano sound source with a PHA-4 standard keyboard hammer mechanism.

Roland FP-10 digital piano, a small body with built-in speakers, 1284 x 258mm, tiny size in the living room, practice playing in a small room, you can enjoy the piano anytime, anywhere. It has unique digital features supported by Bluetooth. It is the best choice for the first piano and the second piano.

Unparalleled performance, unbelievable price. When inspiration strikes, sit down on the latest model of Roland's famous FP piano series; the entry-level FP-10.

This affordable digital piano can be played at any time, the 88-key PHA-4 standard keyboard has a reassuring sense of reality, and Roland's evocative SuperNATURAL piano sound is added through the onboard speakers or headphones.

With its portable, space-saving design, the FP-10 is an ideal instrument for home use, whether you are practicing techniques in a spare room or performing in the living room.

In addition, with Bluetooth® connectivity and powerful onboard functions, no other digital models are available at this price. The FP-10 is an ideal second piano for more experienced players.

Compact body, complete piano touch

The most important keyboard to play the piano. FP-10 is a portable piano, it realizes a mature piano touch, small size but hammering action. The PHA-4 standard keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic grand piano. The different key areas depend on the hammer, the bass is heavy, and the treble is a relaxing play.

The most important keyboard to play the piano. FP-10 is a portable piano, it realizes a mature piano touch, small size but hammering action. The PHA-4 standard keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic grand piano. The different key areas depend on the hammer, the bass is heavy, and the treble is a relaxing play.

Work with iPad via Bluetooth

As long as Roland FP-10 can be connected to the iPad, use the built-in GarageBand of the iPad to complete recording, notation and other tasks. You can even use the foot pedal to control the page-turning action of the score on the iPad.

The high-precision sensor faithfully expresses the sound of the fingertips. The escapement that reproduces the click feeling when the keyboard is pushed weakly is the real touch of the grand piano itself. In addition, the white keys use moisture-absorbing materials and the natural texture of ivory for a comfortable touch. It has achieved full piano strength.

In addition, the sustain pedal is necessary for piano expression, and you will use your DP-10 option to also allow half-pedal expression. It will enrich the performance.

The great charm of the FP-10 lies in its expressive piano sound. Mature equipped with Roland's "super natural piano sound source" proprietary technology, from the delicate and soft tone to the dynamic and clear tone, will provide a vivid and true piano sound.

You can use the built-in speakers to play immediately, and you can enjoy playing at any time without worrying about the environment around the headphones. From people to touch the piano for the first time, to people who are skilled musicians, enjoy anyone, is a convincing piano sound.

Various unique functions, you can enjoy music creativity, unique
FP-10 is also full of the latest digital functions. Organ, electric piano, strings, such as instrument ratio piano, meeting sound and other musical instruments, you can enjoy performances of various music genres.

The rhythm of the metronome is maintained, and the double piano can be divided into two keyboards by two people. It is not necessary to be a function, which is helpful for practicing the piano. Bluetooth MIDI connection with the original free application "Piano Partner 2".

In addition to the music display and sound destined to be built-in music you can enjoy, it can also be the feeling of operating games, such as tone selection and keyboard settings from the smart phone remote control. It is easier to use and expands the pleasure of playing the piano.

* FP-10 does not support the rhythm function of Piano Companion 2.

88-key piano The smallest size of a portable piano To play any piano song, you need 88 kinds of keys, the same as the acoustic piano. FP-10 achieves the most compact size in the 88-key level, with a width of 1,284 mm × a depth of 258 mm.

It is also in the living room at home, even in a small room, where it is not considered, it is a digital piano, and you can use it as you like.

In addition to achieving stability and the firm belief of the piano, the dedicated KSCFP10 seems to have an appearance, and also supports the portable keyboard stand KS-12. You can choose according to your performance style.

Technical specifications

Keyboard: 88 keys (PHA-4 standard keyboard: with escapement, ivory)

Keyboard touch: key·touch: five stages, fixed

Keyboard mode: full keyboard, dual, dual piano, one pedal, shock absorber (compatible with half pedal when using optional pedal)

Additional pedal DP-2 (pedal switch)

Optional pedal DP-10 (semi-pedal compatible)

Sound source: piano sound SuperNatural

Maximum polyphony: 96 voices

Tone: 4 piano tones
E. Piano: 2 tones Other: 9 tones

Stretch adjustment
415.3 to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz increments)

Reverse transposition: -6 to +5 (semitone)
Effect atmosphere (0 to 10)
Brilliant (-10 to +10)
String resonance (on)
Damper·Resonance (open)
Key resonance (open)
Metronome beat quarter note = 10 to 500
0 / 4,2 / 2,3 / 2,2 / 4,3 / 4,4 / 4,5 / 4,6 / 4,7 / 4,3 / 8,6 / 8, 8,12 / 8
Volume adjustment
10 stages of Bluetooth
Bluetooth Standard Edition 4.0
Internal song internal song listening: 17 songs
TONE DEMO: 15 songs otherwise connect to the terminal
DC In terminal
USB COMPUTER terminal: USB Type B update terminal: USB Type A telephone terminal (shared with output terminal) × 1: Stereo mini type rated output
6 W×2
12 cm × 2
Language English control volume (including automatic switching of speaker volume/headphone volume)
Other functions automatically turn off the power AC adapter power consumption
4 W (3 to 6 W)
4W: Estimated power consumption when playing the piano at center volume
3 W: Power consumption when no sound is played after booting
6 W: Rated power consumption accessory instruction manual music stand AC adapter power cord (for AC adapter connection)
Pedal switch written guarantee Roland user registration card optional item dedicated bracket (KSCFP 10)
Bracket (KS-12)
Damping pedal (DP-10)
Carrying bag (CB-88RL, CB-76RL)

External dimensions/quality (when the music rest is removed)
Width (W)
1,284 mm depth (D)
258 mm height (H)
140 mm

12.3 kg external dimensions/mass (including optional KSCFP 10 stand, music stand)

Width (W)
1,284 mm depth (D)
298 mm height (H)
929 mm block
19.7 kg

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