(Recommended by Store Manager in 2021) Roland FP-30 Digital Piano


HK$5,988.00  HK$8,980.00

ROLAND FP30 digital piano

ROLAND FP30 digital piano is compact and high-end Roland digital piano If you want to own a piano but suffer from insufficient budget or small space at home, now your dream can finally become a reality.

purchase guide

1. Smart buying method $5988 comes with x rack

The original FP-30 comes with a Roland DP-2 original sustain pedal, so you only need to purchase a double X piano stand or an additional piano chair according to your needs, and you can use it at a very cheap price. A great entry-level electric piano.

2. All-inclusive purchase method $7188 comes with wooden frame + three pedals

Add the original FP-30 wooden piano stand, piano chair, and three-pedal combination to enjoy all the original equipment!!!

Audition of acoustic piano sound:

Audition of electronic piano sound:

Other tones audition:

Work with iPad via Bluetooth

This is one of the most incredible features of the Roland FP-30. The Roland FP-30 has a Bluetooth transmitter that can be connected to the iPad. Use the built-in GarageBand of the iPad to complete recording, notation and other tasks, even with your feet. Pedal to control the page turning action of the music score on the iPad.

Let’s watch the demonstration video of iPad connecting FP-30

Satisfy the voice and touch of a pianist

Roland FP-30's unparalleled sound and touch keys give you the illusion of playing a traditional piano. The built-in powerful SuperNATURE piano sound source fully meets the needs of musicians and pianists.

Support USB play music and connect to computer to arrange and record

Now is the era of digitization. In addition to supporting USB playback of songs, Roland FP-30 can also be connected to a computer via USB. As long as the FP-30's USB is connected to the computer, you can arrange and record on the computer, whether it is a Windows system Or MAC system supports it. If you use MAC, it is recommended to use GarageBand or Logic PRO. Weiting will teach you how to use it and how to connect.

Twin Piano mode, a good helper for teaching

This is the best feature in my opinion. The Twin Piano mode is most suitable for pianist tutoring, allowing teachers and students to perform side by side in the same range without having to tolerate a high and one low scale.

The FP-30 allows you to have Roland's acclaimed sound, simple and stylish appearance, and an 88-key standard keyboard with outstanding quality at an affordable price. The light and portable characteristics make it an ideal choice for musicians' performances and music teaching.

In addition to the piano sounds, the FP-30 also has a variety of other instrument sounds built-in, and has the functions of practice and recording. It supports Bluetooth wireless connection, so that you can use it with all kinds of popular music software.

Roland FP-30 detailed specifications

  • Equipped with Roland's well-known SuperNATURAL piano sound source, rich and moving piano sound
  • The 88-key PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard, with real piano touch, can fully show the most vivid expression of performance
  • Powerful amplifier and stereo sound to deliver powerful sound
  • Headphone output and quiet keyboard mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors, and you can enjoy playing at any time
  • The compact and lightweight body makes it easy to carry to the home, studio or classroom
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless connection function, allowing your piano to match popular apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as GarageBand, piaScore, Sheet Music Direct, etc.
  • The use of repetition/splitting mode and other than piano sounds such as organ, strings, synthetic vocals, drums, etc., to make music more expressive
  • The Twin Piano mode is suitable for music lessons, allowing teachers and students to play side by side with the same octave range
  • It can be connected to a USB flash drive to store the songs you recorded with the built-in SMF recorder, or you can play with your favorite WAV and SMF songs
  • Optional tripod and three-pedal device are available to create the appearance of a classical piano and add operating functions, including the use of pedals to control the page turning of the score app
  • Available in white and black appearance

FP-30 allows you to enjoy the ultimate music experience like never before in the most streamlined way. The acclaimed Roland piano's sound and feel are simple, compact, and portable.

Product specifications


Keyboard 88 keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: Escapement and ivory texture) 

Key Touch Sensitivity Touch Key Velocity: 5 types, fixed touch keys 
Keyboard mode full keys 
Overlap tone (adjustable volume balance) 
Split button (adjustable split point, adjustable volume balance) 
Optional foot pedal for Twin Piano 
Sustain pedal 

Optional pedal 
Sustain pedal (with continuous pedaling detection) 
Soft pedal (with continuous pedaling detection) 
Part of the sustain pedal (function can be set by yourself) 

Tone generator piano sound SuperNATURAL piano sound 
MIDI format compatible with GM2, GS 
Maximum number of simultaneous voices 128 voices 
Tone piano: 6 types 
Electric piano: 7 types 
Other: 22 types 
Stretched Tuning (for piano tones) keeps on 
Standard pitch tuning 415.3 Hz--466.2 Hz (adjusted in units of 0.1 Hz) 
Transpose -6--+5 (in semitones) 
Effector Ambience (Off, 1--4) 
Brilliance (Mellow, Normal, Bright) 

Only for piano tones: 
String Resonance (Always On) 
Damper Resonance (Always On) 
Key Off Resonance (Always On) Metronome Tempo Quarter Note = 20--250 
Time signatures 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 
SMF recorder part 1 part 
Storage format standard MIDI file (Format 0) 
Note storage capacity is about 30,000 notes 
Control device song selection 
Mixing balance 
Play all songs 
Velocity quarter note = 20--250 
Beat resolution 120 minutes per quarter note 
8 rhythms 
Control device rhythm selection 
start stop 
Speed ​​quarter note = 20--250 Audio playback file format: Audio file (WAV 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format) 
Control device song selection 

Built-in memory to store songs Standard MIDI file (Format 0) Up to 1 song External memory External storage device USB flash drive 
Playable song format standard MIDI file (Format 0, 1) 
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format) 
Standard MIDI file storage format (Format 0) BLUETOOTH MIDI, sheet music flipping 
Bluetooth Ver 4.0 30 other built-in songs 
Connection terminal DC In socket 
USB MEMORY port: USB Type A 
Phone jack (used as an output jack) x 2: Stereo mini phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type 
Rated output power 11 W x 2 
Speaker 12 cm (4-3/4 inch) x 2 Volume Level (SPL) 102 dB (This value is measured in accordance with Roland technical standards.) 

Language English 
Control device volume (with automatic selection of speaker volume and earphone volume) 
Other function panel lock 
Tone demonstration 
Automatic shut-down 
Power supply AC adaptor 
Power consumption 8 W (3--22 W) 
8 W: Average power consumption when the volume is set to the center position during piano performance 
3 W: Power consumption when powering on, without performing any performance 
22 W: Rated power consumption 
Accessory manual 
Music stand 
AC adaptor 
Power cord (for connecting AC adaptor) 
Sustain pedal 

Optional equipment (available separately) Exclusive tripod set: KSC-70 tripod + KPD-70 three-part pedal 
Sustain pedal: DP-10 
USB flash drive* 

Dimensions and weight (with music rest)

1,300 mm wide 
51-3/16 inches, 284 mm deep 
11-7/8 inches height 150 mm 
5-7/8 inches weight 14.1 kg 31 lbs 2 oz

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