ROLAND FP-80 Digital Piano


HK$17,980.00  HK$20,880.00

The stylish and portable FP-80 digital piano gives every piano enthusiast a rich and memorable experience. You can record piano playing and vocal singing as audio data and transfer it to your computer to share with your friends. Whether it's stage interpretation, teaching, or regular practice and home entertainment, the FP-80 will be up to the task of a variety of applications.

keyboard 88 S-shaped ivory texture keyboards with indulgent structures
Touch sensing Key sense: 100 levels, fixed key sense
MIDI format Support for GM2, GS, XGlite
The maximum number of complex tones 128 complex sound
timbre Triangular pianos (14); Electric piano (25 kinds); Strings (18); Organ (19) Other (296 tones) (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX)
Tune the law 8 types, you can select the key
effect Environment (off, 1 to 10) Equalizer (4-segment digital equalizer) Piano tone only (piano designer): Soundboard behavior (off, 1 to 10) Body resonance (off, 1 to 10) Cicill noise (-2 to 2) pedal noise (off, 1 to 10) Duplex scale (off, 1 to 10) stepping board Resonance (off, 1 to 10) String resonance (off, 1 to 10) Off-key resonance (off, 1 to 10) Only for organ tones: rotation (slow/fast) Only for some tones: Modulation speed (1 to 127) Microphone input only: harmony (off, 2) environment (off, 1 to 10)
Metronometer speed Quarter notes : 10-500 (when the rhythm function is on: quarter note rhythms - 20 to 250)
SmF recorder sound department 2 sounds (keyboard, accompaniment)
Save the format Standard MIDI document (format 0)
music 1 piece of music
Note storage About 30,000 notes
rhythm 90 × 2 variations
External storage USB
The format of the music that can be played Standard MIDI document (format 0,1) Roland original format (i-format) audio file (WAV format, 44.1kHz, 16 bit linear)
Save the format Standard MIDI document (format 0) audio file (WAV format, 44.1kHz, 16 bit linear) Register document set (Roland original format)
Built-in music 30 songs
Rated output power 7 W×2;6 W×2
loudspeaker (8×12 cm) ×2 (speaker body) ;(5×12 cm) ×2
display Graphic LCD 128×64
interface DC IN jack; pedal (DAMPER/R, SOFT/L,SOSTENUTO/C') jack: 4-inch headphone type (assignable); input jack: stereo mini headset type; output (L/MONO,R) jack: 1 /4-inch headphone type; microphone input jack: 1/4-inch headphone type; USB COMPUTER connector: USB B type; USB connector: USB Type A; MIDI (IN, OUT) jack; Headphone jack: stereo 1/4 inch headphone type
annex Use help books; AC adapters; power cords; score racks; delay pedals (continuous detection)
Volume and weight (Long) 1396 mm x (W) 371 mm (H) 134 mm; 23.8 Kg

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