Roland FP-90 Digital Piano


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The Roland FP90 is a high-performance portable piano that takes your creativity with you wherever you go

If you're a piano player, you know that inspiration can be sparked by something in an instant—maybe the place you play, the partner you play with, and the audience you play with. If you want to bring your music to more people, the Roland FP90 digital piano will make it happen. It is equipped with Roland's flagship piano sound module and keyboard, and the compact and modern body is equipped with a multi-channel speaker system, which can meet the audio needs of private performance venues. Built-in includes carefully selected sounds including electric piano, strings, organs, and synthesizers, allowing you to use the FP-90 to meet the needs of a variety of musical situations. Supports Bluetooth ® audio/MIDI, allowing you to wirelessly connect to Roland's Piano Partner 2 or other music apps on your smartphone or tablet. Available in black and white, the highly maneuverable FP-90 lets you take it anywhere to create your stage.

Powerful built-in speakers for small venues

Whether you're using the built-in speakers in a small gig venue or connecting an external PA in a larger gig venue, the FP-90 lets you deliver amazing sound. A convenient three-band equalizer on the panel allows you to easily adjust the sound to suit the characteristics of the venue. Using only the FP-90's built-in speaker system, Reverend Bazil Meade leads London Community Gospel Choir on his own composition "Where Could I Go."

Excellent piano tone and touch in a portable form factor

Does wanting a portable piano mean you have to compromise on sound quality and keyboard feel? With the FP-90, you no longer have to give in to yourself, as it features the sound engine and keyboard from our flagship pianos in a compact, stylish and portable body. This performance of Beethoven's Violin Sonata in F major, performed by Ms. Junna Iwasaki (piano) and Ms. Ai Okumura (violin), perfectly presents the FP-90's rich, expressive traditional piano tone. timbre characteristics.

A variety of professional high-quality tones that can interpret a variety of musical styles

You've come to expect a Roland digital piano with a wide variety of great piano sounds to choose from, and the FP-90 certainly does. However, when you want a different sound when performing in an orchestra, the FP-90 also provides you with professional high-quality electric pianos, strings, organs and synthesizers, allowing you to interpret a variety of styles. music. Dan Burnett used the FP-90's 1976 Suitcase electric piano sound for his piece "Happiest Man Alive".

High mobility that can be your performance stage anywhere<

FP-90 can be erected in a variety of ways according to the site or needs. With the optional KSC-90 tripod and KPD-90 pedal, the eye-catching and modern shape is suitable for home use. When used in live performances, the FP-90 can be easily transported and quickly set up on a portable keyboard stand. It is the ideal instrument for a UK company such as PianoDJ that plays the piano for wedding banquets, whether indoors or outdoors.

Bluetooth connectivity to add color to your performances and practice

Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to play music from your music app or online videos through the piano's powerful built-in speakers or connected headphones. You can even control the page-turning of the score wirelessly on your mobile device, a handy feature used in this Bach trio in G by the London-based Rautio Piano Trio.

Tone Generator Piano Sounds Piano Sounds: SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Maximum Simultaneous Sounds Piano: Unlimited (when playing solo with "Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano" sounds)
Others: 384 built-in tones Piano: 15
E.Piano Electric Piano: 16 Strings: 11 Organ: 15
Pad: 15 Others: 278 (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set) Keyboard PHA-50 Keyboard: Hybrid wood and plastic construction, with escapement and ebony/ivory feel (88 keys) Touch Sensitivity Touch Velocity: 100 types, Fixed Velocity Hammer Response Keyboard Mode Full Key Overlay Voice Split Key (adjustable split point) Speaker System Speaker Speaker: 8 x 12 cm (3-3/16 x 4-3/4") x 2 (with speaker box)
Dome Tweeter: 2.5 cm (1 inch) x 2 Headphones Headphones Headphones 3D Ambience Headphones 3D Ambience Tuning, Sound 10 kinds (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), optional tuning, main sound effector sound field Ambience
Equalizer (3-band digital equalizer)
For Organ Voices:
Convolution Horn Effector Electric Piano Tone Special:
Vibrato speed Piano Designer piano sound design (limited to "Concert Piano, Ballad Piano, Mellow Piano, and Bright Piano" sound only) Lid lid adjustment
Key Off Noise
Hammer Noise
Duplex Scale
Full Scale String Resonance
Damper Resonance Damper Resonance
Key Off Resonance
Cabinet Resonance body resonance
Soundboard Type
Damper Noise
Single Note Tuning
Single Note Volume
Single Note Character monophonic sound characteristic output power 25 W x 2
5 W x 2 volume level (SPL) 107 dB (measured according to Roland technical standards.) BLUETOOTH Bluetooth Audio: Bluetooth Ver. 3.0 (supports SCMS-T content protection)
MIDI, Score Page: Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 Microphone Compressor (Compressor)
Echo control device Microphone gain knob Microphone volume fader Data playback Playable format Standard MIDI file (Format 0, 1)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3, 44.1kHz, 64kbps–320kbps, USB flash drive required) Internal music recorder 10 songs in recording format Quasi-MIDI file (Format 0, up to 70,000 notes)
Audio file (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, USB flash drive required) Convenient features Convenient features Metronome (adjustable tempo/time signature/upbeat/beat pattern/volume/timbre)
Transpose (Keyboard/Song: Adjust in semitones)
Setting memory (30 registrations, switchable with pedal)
Setting the Memory Kit Demo Song to Auto Power Off other display Graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots control device Volume Fader Equalizer Fader (Low/Mid/High)
Part Fader (Lower/Upper)
Song volume fader horn switch connection terminal DC In jacks Pedal (Damper/R, Sostenuto/C *1, Soft/L *1) jacks: TRS 1/4 inch phone type input jacks: Stereo phone type output jacks (L/Mono, R) : 1/4 inch phone type Microphone input jack: 1/4 inch phone type
MIDI (Out/In) connector
USB Computer Port: USB B type
USB Memory Port: USB A type
Headphone jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4 inch phone type
*1: Customizable function power supply AC transformer power consumption 12W Appendix User Manual File "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"
AC Transformer Power Cord Music Rest Sustain Pedal (DP-10; Continuously detects pedaling) Optional equipment Exclusive tripod: KSC-90
Exclusive pedal base: KPD-90
Keyboard stand: KS-G8B, KS-18Z, KS-12
Three-flap pedal: RPU-3
Sustain pedal: DP series switch pedal: DP-2 (*2)
Expression Pedal: EV-5
USB flash drive

*2 Cannot be used with sustain pedal/R. Dimensions (without music rest) width 1,340 mm
52-13/16 inches deep 390mm
15-3/8 inches high 136mm
5-3/8 inches Dimensions (FP-90 with KSC-90 and music rest) width 1,340 mm
52-13/16 inches deep 418mm
16-1/2 inches high 932mm
36-3/4 inches WEIGHT (FP-90 WITH MUSIC REST) weight 23.6 kg
52 lbs. 1 oz. Weight (FP-90 with KSC-90, KPD-90, and music rest) weight 37.8 kg
83 lbs. 6 oz.

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