Roland GOMIXER Audio Mixer for Smartphone


HK$829.00  HK$999.00

Use your smart phone to perform, mix audio, and record, all at once

Small, portable, and easy to use, GO:MIXER allows you to record high-quality audio simply and easily, providing you with music videos recorded by your smart phone and other self-made videos. Just connect GO:MIXER , you can directly record pure stereo * music as your video soundtrack while playing. Applicable to a variety of input terminals, you can connect a microphone, musical instrument, and player, and mix directly on site during your shooting. You no longer need to accommodate the phone’s noisy mono microphone, or after recording external audio, you have to synchronize it in the video editing software afterwards. Now, you can receive top-quality audio in one quick and simple step. . GO:MIXER is a great tool for adding professional soundtracks to your social media videos, allowing you to get more points and attract more fans to follow !


Number of audio channels

Input : 8 channels

Output : 2 channels

Connection terminal

INSTRUMENT ( L/MONO , R ) jacks : 1/4 -inch phone type

LINE IN 1 jack : Stereo miniature phone type

LINE IN 2 jack : Stereo miniature phone type

MIC jack : 1/4 -inch phone type (without plug-in power )

GUITAR/BASS jack : 1/4 -inch phone type (high impedance)

MONITOR OUT jack : Stereo miniature phone type

USB port : USB Micro-B type

power supply

USB Bus power supply


40 mA


Lightning to USB Micro-B type cable ( 50 cm)

USB OTG Micro-B type to USB Micro-B type cable ( 50 cm)


Size and weight


95 mm

3-3/4 inches


95 mm

3-3/4 inches


28 mm

1-1/8 inches

Weight (without wire)

100 g

4 oz

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