ROLAND HP-506 Digital piano


HK$18,980.00  HK$28,800.00

With Roland's latest technology, the more innovative HP506 home piano offers excellent sound, sense of play, and elegant style of piano.The newly developed Dynamic Harmonic, combined with the SuperNATURAL Piano Ultra Superreal Piano Sound Engine, allows you to achieve greater dynamic performance when playing the musical segments that show strong tones.The new PHA-4 keyboard has a more sophisticated sense of induction to make the trigger response unprecedented, with the unique Headphones 3D Ambulator that allows you to listen to the stereo sounds of the traditional piano when you wear a headset exercise.The development of the Acoustic Projection piano sound projection system technology built in the HP508 enables the built-in speaker system to create a multi-faceted sound pitch as it is in the other direction.The other outstanding features include built-in recording features and piano app that can be developed with the Apple iOs device. The HP508 perfectly integrates with tradition and modernity, from beginners to professional players, and all piano lovers will experience the endless musical inspiration that it inspires.

  • SuperNATURAL piano sound source engine, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful, natural and viable platform piano sound
  • With Roland's latest flagship keyboard PHA -4 keyboard, let you experience an unprecedented extreme touchdown reaction
  • New Dynamic Harmonic (dynamic and sound) features that give a unique sound personality and strong sound when the strong sound is played
  • You can use the new Individual Note Voicing feature so that you can individually adjust the pitch, volume, and audio personality to each of the keys to create your own perfect piano pitch
  • When you wear headphones practice, the Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides you with a rich, immersing experience of the sound
  • The Acoustic Projection technology can reproduce the sound field of traditional piano and multiple spaces sound.
  • Free-to-download Roland piano app, available with Apple iOs mobile device using Piano Partner with AirPerformer app to help you learn and add fun
  • The built-in recorder allows you to record your playing as a MIDI or audio file (audio recording is required to use an optional USB drive)
  • Multi-convenience features to be used for daily exercise, including headset independent volume regulation, Volume Limit (volume limit) function, and adjustable spectrum
  • Modern black, solid with elegant design

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