ROLAND HP508 Digital Piano


HK$24,980.00  HK$28,980.00

Equipped with Roland's latest technology, the more innovative HP508 home piano delivers superior sound, play feel, and piano elegance. The newly developed Dynamic Harmonic, combined with the SuperNATURAL Piano ultra-realistic piano sound generation engine, allows you to obtain greater dynamic performance when playing passages that express strong sounds. The new PHA-4 keyboard has a more delicate sensing performance, so that the touch response is unprecedented, and the unique Headphones 3D Ambience effect allows you to listen to the stereo sound field of a traditional piano when you practice with headphones . HP508 built-in innovative Acoustic Projection piano sound projection system technology, allowing the built-in speaker system to create an immersive multi-directional sound field. In addition to other outstanding features including built-in recording function and the use of Roland's piano app for Apple iOs devices, the HP508 is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, from beginners to professional players, all piano lovers will experience the excitement it inspires. Endless musical inspiration.

  • SuperNATURAL piano sound engine, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, natural and vibrant grand piano sound
  • Equipped with Roland's latest flagship keyboard, the PHA-4 keyboard, allowing you to experience the ultimate touch response like never before
  • The new Dynamic Harmonic function enables strong vocals to display unique sonic characteristics and a powerful sound
  • The new Individual Note Voicing feature allows you to individually adjust the pitch, volume, and tone characteristics of each key to create your own perfect piano sound
  • Headphones 3D Ambience effect gives you a rich, immersive sound experience as you practice with headphones on
  • Six-channel piano Acoustic Projection technology reproduces the wide, multi-spatial sound field of traditional pianos
  • Free download of the Roland piano app to use the Piano Partner and Air Performer apps with Apple iOs mobile devices to aid your learning and add to the fun
  • The built-in recorder allows you to record your performances as MIDI or audio files (audio recording requires an optional USB flash drive)
  • Equipped with a variety of convenient functions for daily practice, including independent volume adjustment for headphones, Volume Limit function, and adjustable music rest
  • Solidity implies elegant design, modern black, luxurious mirror black two colors

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