ROLAND HP508 Digital Piano


HK$24,980.00  HK$28,980.00

Equipped with Roland's latest technology, the more innovative HP508 home piano provides excellent sound, sense of playing and elegant piano style. The newly developed Dynamic Harmonic, combined with the SuperNATURAL Piano super-real piano sound generator engine, allows you to achieve greater dynamic performance when playing a section that shows strong sounds. The new PHA-4 keyboard has more delicate sensing performance, so that the touch response can reach unprecedented performance. The unique Headphones 3D Ambience effect allows you to listen to the stereo sound field of the traditional piano while practicing with headphones. . HP508 has built-in innovative Acoustic Projection piano sound projection system technology, which allows the built-in speaker system to create an immersive multi-directional sound field. In addition, there are other excellent features including built-in recording function and can be used with Roland piano app developed for Apple iOs devices. HP508 perfectly combines tradition and modernity. From beginners to professional players, all piano lovers will experience its inspiration Infinite music inspiration.

  • SuperNATURAL piano sound engine, let you enjoy the wonderful, natural and vital grand piano sound
  • Equipped with Roland's latest flagship keyboard PHA -4 keyboard, allowing you to experience unprecedented touch response
  • The new Dynamic Harmonic (dynamic harmony) function allows the performance of strong tones to show unique sound characteristics and powerful sound
  • You can use the new Individual Note Voicing function, allowing you to individually adjust the pitch, volume, and tone characteristics of each key to create your own perfect piano tone
  • When you put on headphones to practice, the Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides you with a rich and pleasant experience immersed in moving sounds
  • Six-channel piano acoustic projection (Acoustic Projection) technology can reproduce the wide, multi-dimensional sound field of traditional pianos
  • Free download of Roland piano app, you can use Apple iOs mobile device to use Piano Partner and Air Performer app to assist your learning and add fun
  • The built-in recorder allows you to record your performance as MIDI or audio files (audio recording requires an optional USB flash drive)
  • Equipped with a variety of convenient functions for daily practice, including independent headphone volume adjustment, Volume Limit (volume limit) function, and adjustable music rest
  • Solidity implies an elegant design, modern black, luxurious mirror black two colors

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