Roland INTEGRA-7 rack-mounted audio generator


HK$10,229.00  HK$13,999.00

Powerful rack-mounted audio source machine to achieve fast and smooth work flow

With the development of SuperNATURAL super-real tone and Behavior Modeling (Musical Instrument Behavior Simulation) technology, Roland has gradually integrated traditional musical instruments and electronic musical instruments. Based on these core technologies, the brand-new INTEGRA-7 gives musicians the latest SuperNATURAL sound treasure, the most convenient operation and a comprehensive 16 -part sound generator. The powerful rack-mounted sound generator INTEGRA-7 selects the sounds of Roland's flagship keyboard and V-Drums electronic drum sound generators, as well as the legendary and classic SRX sound library that musicians dream of. In addition, INTEGRA-7 introduces a brand-new Motional Surround (Dynamic Surround) technology, which is a 17 -part surround effects engine that allows you to control the 360- degree sound field through graphical controls. , Vividly control the distance and position of each voice. The powerful virtual three-dimensional space function of INTEGRA-7 allows you to create incredible orchestral configuration effects with real details, with a nuanced three-dimensional effect.

Sound source area

Maximum number of simultaneous voices

128 voices (different according to the load of the audio source)


16 parts


SuperNATURAL Acoustic

SuperNATURAL Synth

SuperNATURAL Drum Kit

PCM Synth

PCM Drum Kit

* There are GM2 specification sounds inside.

Expansion virtual slot

4 expansion slots

*The following sound expansion card albums can be loaded into the virtual expansion slot from the internal memory.

SRX series ( 12 albums)

SRX-01 Dynamic Drum Kits

SRX-02 Concert Piano

SRX-03 Studio SRX

SRX-04 Symphonique Strings

SRX-05 Supreme Dance

SRX-06 Complete Orchestra

SRX-07 Ultimate Keys

SRX-08 Platinum Trax

SRX-09 World Collection

SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble

SRX-11 Complete Piano

SRX-12 Classic EPs

Expanded SuperNATURAL sound ( 6 albums)

ExSN1 Ethnic

ExSN2 Wood Winds

ExSN3 Session

ExSN4 A.Guitar

ExSN5 Brass


Expanded Hi-Quality PCM sound ( 1 album)

ExPCM HQ GM2 + HQ PCM Sound Collection

* Each SRX series and expanded SuperNATURAL sound album use a virtual slot.

* Expand Hi-Quality PCM sound using four virtual slots.


Multi-Effects Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 67 Zhong

Part EQ: 16 systems

Drum Part COMP+EQ: 6 systems

Motional Surround

Chorus: 3 types

Reverb: 6 types

Master EQ


Display screen

256 x 80 dots graphic LCD (backlit)

Connection terminal

PHONES phone jack (stereo 1/4 -inch phone type)

INPUT jack ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch phone type, Front)

INPUT jack ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch phone type, rear)

OUTPUT A ( MIX ) jacks ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch TRS phone type)

OUTPUT A ( MIX ) jacks ( L , R ) ( XLR type)

OUTPUT B jacks ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch phone type)

OUTPUT C jacks ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch phone type)

OUTPUT D jacks ( L , R ) ( 1/4 -inch phone type)


MIDI connection terminals ( IN , OUT , THRU )

USB COMPUTER port ( Audio/MIDI )

USB Memory port

AC IN jack

power consumption

18 W



power cable

Optional equipment

USB flash drive

* We cannot guarantee that all commercially available USB flash drives can be used.

Size and weight


481 mm

18-15/16 inches


262 mm

10-6/16 inches

High t

89 mm

3-9/16 inches


3.9 kg

8 lbs. 10 oz.

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