Accessories ROLAND KD-9 kick drum trigger


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

Roland KD-9 kick drum trigger

The newly designed kick drum is more compact and stable, with excellent tactility, dynamic response, and precise pickup. It can remain stable and reliable even when using double pedals. When combined with the upgraded TD-9 sound generator (Version 2.0), it can show the "muffled" kick drum sound produced when hitting hard, just like sticking the drumsticks against the head of a traditional kick drum.

The brand-new KD-9 kick drum trigger is sturdy, highly flexible and has a very good use feel. The overall ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to step on. The upgraded trigger can satisfy the double kick drum performance, and the new drum stand design can be easily transported and moved.

physical dimension

Width 219 mm

203 mm deep

Height 438 mm

Weight 4.2kg, about 5kg after packaging

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