Accessories ROLAND KD-9 bottom drum trigger


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

ROLAND KD-9 bottom drum trigger


The newly designed bottom drum is more delicate and stable, with excellent touch, dynamic response, precise pick, even if it is used, it can remain firmly reliable. With the use of upgraded TD-9 sources (Version 2.0), the "sorrow" bottom drum sound generated by force hitting is displayed, just like the drumstick is like a traditional drums.

The new KD-9 drum trigger has a strong production, high flexibility and very good use, and the overall ergonomic design makes the foot is very comfortable. The upgraded trigger can meet the performance of the double drum, and the new drum frame can be convenient to transport and move.


physical dimension

Width 219 mm

Deep 203 mm

High 438 mm

Weight 4.2kg after packaging approximately 5kg

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