Accessories ROLAND KD-9 Kick Trigger


HK$1,980.00  HK$2,980.00

Roland KD-9 kick drum trigger

The newly designed kick drum is more compact and stable, with excellent tactile feel, dynamic response, precise pickup, and remains stable and reliable even when using double pedals. Paired with the upgraded TD-9 sound module (Version 2.0), it delivers the "muffled" kick drum sound when hit hard, as if the sticks were pressed against the head of a traditional kick drum.

The new KD-9 kick drum trigger is sturdy, flexible and feels great to use. The overall ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to step on. Upgraded triggers are available for double kick drums, and a new drum stand design allows for easy transport and movement.

physical dimension

width 219 mm

203 mm deep

Height 438 mm

Weight 4.2kg, about 5kg after packing

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