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KT-10: bottom drum trigger pedal

Low noise design, with your trusted deduction expressions


The KT-10 drum trigger pedal equipped with Roland innovation technology is designed for V-DRUMS sources and other electronic punch instruments, you can experience its mute design and the ultimate performance. The multi-functional design of KT-10 provides you with fast, smooth dynamic response, and its unique reverse structural trigger device is not only smaller and more quiet than other standard pedals and 音槌. Due to the small size of the KT-10, you can create a mixed sleeve next to the traditional drumping pedal, but also combine the SPD series pad or Handsonic HPD-20 to expand the interpretation of expressions. Carrying the convenient KT-10 with its professional interpretation of performance, the mute design is perfectly combined with the V-Drums sleeve.

Multifunctional bottom drum trigger pedal

Innovative reverse structural trigger devices under small shapes provide you with the feeling of playing traditional drums

Ultra-quiet design, even in indoor playing V-Drums, it will not disturb others.

The noise generated during indoor performance is reduced by 75% lower than the Roland KD-9 bottom drum strike pad of the installation standard drumstick (Based on ROLAND test data)

Small design more integrated into hybrid traditional / electronic drums or striking kits

The KT-10 configured with large two-core trigger input interface is suitable for all Roland strike instruments, such as TM-2 trigger sound source, V-Drums Source, SPD series striking pad and Handsonic HPD-20

Rugged structure, smooth interpretation, and attractive shape

Adjustable spring and removable weight for custom performance response

Extended to double KT-10 Mix In port


Low noise design of the drum trigger pedal can play V-Drums at home

V-Drum is deeply mute interpretation of the original drummer favorite, which is impossible for traditional drums. Although V-Drum's mesh drum is almost mute at the time of performance, it can produce a large noise when playing with a standard pedal and a bottom drum. If this problem has been plaguing your performance and exercises, you may wish to consider KT-10. Due to innovative reverse structural trigger devices, the noise generated during your performance will reduce 75% (Based on ROLAND test data), and its interpretation performance is not affected. KT-10 is compatible with any V-DRUMS source that is configured with large two-core trigger input interface.


The ideal choice for mixed sleeve and Roland electronic punch instrument

Due to its compact and integrated design, KT-10 will be covered with a combination of traditional and electronic sleeve pedals, while a standard bottom drum trigger pedal and bottom drum pedal occupying more space. Roland's TM-2 trigger sound source is a perfect partner for hybrid applications, which provides you with built-in audiographs and input interfaces for connecting Roland strike pads, pedals, KT-10 triggers. The drum trigger pedal is also easy to extend, such as SPD-SX sample strike pad, Octapad SPD-30 and Handsonic HPD-20, etc. Roland Musical instrument, and the trigger interface of the KT-10 and Roland devices require only one connection. line.


Adjustability and scalability

You can personalize your own interpretation style by adjusting the parameters of KT-10. By removing the weight in the drum arm or moving it to a different slot, you can change the response of the pedal; and move the spring to a different hook position, you can change the tension of the pedal. In addition, connect KT-10 to the Mix In trigger interface, you can create a double pedal combination.


Accessories User Manual

hexagonal wrench

Connection line length 166 mm

6-9 / 16 inches wide 440 mm

17-6 / 16 inches height 150 mm

5-15 / 16 inch weight 3 kg

6 lbs. 10 oz

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