Accessories Roland KT-9 kick pedal


HK$1,829.00  HK$1,980.00

Innovative bass drum pedal without drumsticks, providing you with ultra-quiet home practice electronic drums

Practicing drumming at home is always like a battle. Even if you already use a set of electronic drums, you are also wearing headphones. But there is still a headache: whenever you step on the kick drum pedal, the sound of the mechanical structure and the drum beat on the kick pad will also make a clear and audible sound. Roland's new KT-9 kick pedal will be the antidote to the problem. The ultra-quiet design is suitable for home practice. The KT-9 kick pedal has no drumsticks design and the patented linkage mechanism, which can greatly reduce the noise during your performance, but will not affect the pedal feeling or performance performance. . With KT-9 under your feet, you can play hard at any time, even at night!



Weighted weight


Connection line

Optional equipment

Eat tone pad Noise eater (NE-10)

Size and weight


139 mm

5-1/2 inches


365 mm

14-3/8 inches


158 mm

6-1/4 inches


2.0 kg

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