2021 Roland lx-706 digital piano


HK$22,900.00  HK$39,880.00

Roland lx700 series is available in three models, providing a true grand piano experience for picky players.The new series includes the flagship Roland lx708, the mid-range Roland lx706 and the entry-level Roland lx705

Recently, Roland released the new lx700 series of digital piano, which represents the experience of playing beautiful grand piano in world-class venues. It provides excellent performance for picky players and makes innovations in timbre generation, keyboard playing, on-site modeling and design.

LX705 | 2-way/4-speaker

Unlike the typical digital piano that creates sound by sampling, lx700's pure acoustic modeling technology can imitate the way acoustic piano produces sound, including hammers that strike the strings and sounds that resonate through the body of the piano. This method can choose a completely realistic but unique triangular piano model: one for European taste, and the other for the American feeling. It plays for lx700 The player offers two super playable and customizable pianos. Roland's pure acoustic ambience technology can convincingly simulate the acoustic characteristics of world-class concert halls, studios and even cathedrals, and reproduce the sound space around the piano, which is particularly impressive when using headphones.


The lx700 series of keyboards and pedals faithfully respond to every nuance, so even highly mature pianists do not need to adjust their performance or compromise expression. Roland's new hybrid grand keyboard (lx708/ Lx706) has a longer key action than the standard digital piano, so the player does not need to press the key harder. When playing the grand piano, the keyboard of lx708 can even reproduce the resonance effect of the piano box. In addition, lx708 is equipped with a new design of responsive damper action, which can achieve the most realistic pedal expression.

LX708 | 4-way / 8-speaker

In addition to different keyboards, the above technologies are standard in the whole product range. Bluetooth audio, dual piano mode, metronome and other convenient functions, as well as the option of using headphones for private practice are also standard. There is a unique C-shaped hole on the front of the piano, which can realize natural sound projection. The user interface is designed to invite performance, minimize interference, elegant backlight button and keyboard Complicated knobs.

LX708 | Opening top lid

The lx706 has a large acoustic box with a closed lid and six speakers. The l706 has the best sound projection system, and can open the top of the box The entry-level lx705 has the most compact case, four speaker system and Roland's expressive pha-50 keyboard, but it still shares technology with flagship and high-end models. Depending on the model, the finishes include polished ebony, polished white, charcoal, black rosewood and light oak.

C-shape with wide aperture

Along with the lx700 series is piano every day, a unique smartphone app that encourages players to play regularly. After installation, lx700 users can browse and purchase sheet music with more than 70000 scores Direct online audio library, and then track and display the progress of learning new works when trying the "timeline" plan, and complete the exercises if necessary. Piano every day can be downloaded for free from the app store (IOS) or Google play (Android).


Sound source

Piano source

Piano source:PureAcoustic Piano Modeling

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds

piano: infinite(usePianoWhen playing a similar timbre solo)
other: 256


common324Two kinds of timbres

AMBIENCESound field


PureAcoustic Ambience
type:Studio,Lounge,Concert Hall,Wooden Hall,Stone Hall,Cathedral
depth: 11species


My Stage

12 kinds



Hybrid grand composite platform piano keys: Mixed structure of wood and plastic, With escapement mechanism(Escapement)And ebony/Ivory texture (88key)



Progressive extension mechanism pedal(sostenuto pedal: Continuous detection of stampede, Soft Pedal: With continuous detection/Self setting function, Partial sustain pedal: Self setting function)

Horn System

Horn System

Acoustic Projection


Body hornCabinet Speakers: 25 cm x2(Horn box)
Near field hornNear field Speakers:(12 cm x 8 cm)x 2(Horn box)
Space hornSpatial Speakers: 2.5 a centimeter x 2(Woofer)

Rated output power

25 W x 2
7 W x 2
5 W x 2



Headphones Acoustic Projection

Tuning, Vocalization

Touch sensitivity

Touch key strength: 100species, Fixed strength
Hammer reaction: 10species

Standard pitch

415.3 – 466.2 Hz(with0.1 HzAdjust for the unit)

Classical tonal law

10 kinds (Equal,Just Major,Just Minor,Pythagorean,Kirnberger I,Kirnberger II,Kirnberger III,Meantone,Werckmeister,Arabic), Optional key



Piano Designer

Lid adjustment
Key Off Noise
Off key noise
Hammer Noise
Hammer noise
Duplex Scale
Full Scale String Resonance
Diatonic chord resonance
Key Off Resonance
Off bond resonance
Cabinet Resonance
Body resonance
Soundboard Type
Sound castanet type
Damper Noise
Damper noise
Soft Pedal Type
Soft pedal type
Single Note Tuning
Single tone tuning
Single Note Volume
Single tone volume
Single Note Character
Single tone sound features

Built in music

Built in music

common 389song
listen to a compliment: 22 song
instrumental ensemble: 30 song
entertainment: 20song
Let's Sing with DO RE MI: 30
curriculum: 287 song(Scale, Hanon, Bayer, Buergmaitreya, Czerny 100)

Playable files

Playable format

standardMIDIfiles(Format 0,1)
files(WAV: 44.1 kHz,16Bit linear format,MP3: 44.1 kHz,64 kbps - 320 kbps, Need to useUSBPortable disc)


Recordable files

standardMIDIfiles(Format 0,3 Vocal part, about 70,000Note capacity)
Audio files(WAV: 44.1 kHz,16Bit linear format, Need to useUSBPortable disc)



Audio: Bluetooth ver 3.0SCMS-T content protection)
MIDI: Bluetooth Ver 4.0


CompatibleAndroid / iOS Apps(Roland)

Piano Every Day
Piano Designer

Convenient function

Convenient function

Metronome(Adjustable speed/time signature/Remake/Beat style/volume/timbre)
Set memory
Superimposed timbre
Double pianos (With independent mode)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function
Volume limit function
Panel lock
Automatic shutdown

Piano body

Piano body

Music stand: There is a fixed stand for music score
Keyboard cover: Push pull, With keyboard cover switch and classical piano position



graphical OLED 128 x 32 dots

Connection terminal

DC in connector
Connecting hole: Stereo mini headset
Connecting hole: 1/4Inch earphone
USB Computer
ports:USB B type
USB Memory
ports:USB A type
Connecting hole x 2: Stereo mini headset, stereo1/4Inch earphone

Power supply

AC transformer

Electricity consumption

17 W(16 W– 55 W)


User manual
“Roland Piano Masterpieces”
power cord
Headphone hook

Optional equipment(Purchase separately)


Size(Including Piano tripod)


1,383 mm


493 mm


1,118 mm

weight(Including Piano tripod)


98.0 kg


96.5 kg

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