2022 ROLAND LX-708 Digital Piano


HK$34,980.00  HK$59,880.00

There are three models in the ROLAND LX700 series, offering the discerning player a true grand piano experience. The new series includes the flagship ROLAND LX708, mid-range ROLAND LX706 and entry-level ROLAND LX705

A few days ago, Roland released the new LX700 series of digital pianos, which recreates the experience of playing a beautiful grand piano in a world-class venue. Delivers superior performance for discerning players with innovations in tone generation, keyboard play, presence modeling and design.

LX705 | 2-way/4-speaker

Unlike typical digital pianos that create sounds through sampling, the LX700's pure acoustic modeling technology mimics the way an acoustic piano produces sound, including the hammers hitting the strings and the sound resonating through the piano's body. This approach allows for the selection of grand piano models that are completely realistic but unique in tone: one for European taste and another for American feel. Two super playable and customizable pianos for LX700 players. Roland's PureAcoustic Ambience technology convincingly simulates the acoustics of world-class concert halls, studios and even cathedrals, reproducing the sound space around the piano, which is especially impressive when using headphones profound.

The keyboards and pedals in the LX700 series respond faithfully to every nuance, so even highly sophisticated pianists need not adjust their playing or compromise their expression. Roland's new Hybrid Grand keyboards (LX708/LX706) feature longer key action than standard digital pianos, so players don't have to press harder to play the keys. When playing a grand piano, the LX708's keyboard even reproduces the effects of the cabinet's resonance. Additionally, the LX708 features a newly designed responsive damper action for the most authentic pedal expression possible.

LX708 | 4-way / 8-speaker

With the exception of the keyboard, the above technologies are standard across the entire product range. Convenience features like Bluetooth audio, dual piano mode, a metronome, and the option to use headphones for private practice are also standard, as well as a unique C-shaped hole on the front of the piano for natural sound projection. The user interface is designed to be inviting to play, with minimal distractions, elegant backlit buttons and sophisticated knobs.

LX708 | Opening top lid

Each model of the digital piano offers a different combination of elegant cabinet designs, keyboards, pedals, and acoustic projection speaker systems. The flagship LX708 features a tall operating cabinet with an opening lid for optimal sound projection, as well as a powerful eight-speaker sound system. The mid-range LX706, with its shorter cabinet, closed-lid design and six-speaker system, matches pro-level performance at a great price. The entry-level LX705 has the most compact cabinet, four-speaker system and Roland's expressive PHA-50 keyboard, but still shares technology with flagship and high-end models. Depending on the model, finishes include polished ebony, polished white, charcoal, black rosewood and light oak.

C-shape with wide aperture

Launching with the LX700 series is Piano Every Day, a unique smartphone app that encourages players to play regularly. Once installed, LX700 users can browse and purchase Sheet Music Direct's online library of over 70,000 scores, then track and display their progress in learning new pieces as they try out "Timeline" projects, and complete exercises when necessary. Piano Every Day can be downloaded for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


sound source
piano sound source
Piano sound source: PureAcoustic Piano Modeling
Maximum number of simultaneous voices
Piano: Unlimited (when soloing with Piano-like sounds)
Other: 256
324 sounds in total
AMBIENCE soundstage
PureAcoustic Ambience
Type: Studio, Lounge, Concert Hall, Wooden Hall, Stone Hall, Cathedral
Depth: 11 kinds
My Stage
12 types
Hybrid Grand Keyboard: Composite Grand Piano Keys: Hybrid Wood and Plastic Construction, Escapement, Ebony/Ivory and Haptic Key Vibration
Responsive Damper Action Pedal Responsive Damper Mechanism Pedal
Speaker system
Speaker system
Acoustic Projection
Cabinet Speakers: 25 cm x2 (with speaker box)
Near field Speakers:( 12 cm x 8 cm ) x 2(with speaker box)
Spatial Speakers: (12 cm x 8 cm) x 2
Spatial Speakers: 2.5 cm x 2 (woofer)
Rated output power
20W x 2
6W x 2
6W x 2
5W x 2
Headphones Acoustic Projection
to tune, to sound
Touch Sensitivity
Touch strength: 100 types, fixed-velocity hammer response: 10 types
standard pitch
415.3–466.2 Hz (adjusted in 0.1 Hz increments)
classical tuning
10 types (Equal, Just Major, Just Minor, Pythagorean, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Werckmeister, Arabic), selectable key tones
Piano Designer
LidLid Lid Adjustment
Key Off Noise
Hammer Noise
Duplex Scale
Full Scale String Resonance
Key Off Resonance
Cabinet Resonance body resonance
Soundboard Type
Damper Noise
Soft Pedal Type
Single Note Tuning
Single Note Volume
Single Note Character
Built-in Song
Built-in Song
Total 389 Songs Listening: 22 Songs Ensemble: 30 Songs Entertainment: 20 Songs
Let's Sing with DO RE MI: 30 Pieces Lesson: 287 pieces (Scales, Hanon, Beyer, Burg Maitreya, Cherny 100)
data playback
playable file
Standard MIDI file (Format 0, 1)
Audio file (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, MP3: 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps - 320 kbps, USB flash drive required)
Recordable format
Standard MIDI file (Format 0, 3 parts, about 70,000 notes memory)
Audio file (WAV: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, USB flash drive required)
Audio: Bluetooth Ver 3.0 (support SCMS-T content protection)
MIDI: Bluetooth Ver 4.0
Compatible with ANDROID / IOS APPS (ROLAND)
Compatible Android / iOS Apps (Roland)
Piano Every Day
Piano Designer
Convenient features
Convenient features
Metronome (adjustable tempo/time signature/downbeat/rhythm/volume/timbre)
Registration setting memory layered tone split
TwinPiano (with independent mode)
Transpose (in semitones)
Speaker volume and headphone volume automatic selection function volume limit function panel lock automatic shutdown
Music rest: with score holder
Graphic OLED 128 x 32 dots
connection terminal
DC In socket
Input jack: Stereo miniature phone type
Output (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4 inch phone type
USB Computer Port: USB B type
USB Memory Port: USB A type
Phones jack x 2: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4 inch phone type
power supply
AC Transformer
power consumption
24W (22W–70W)
"Roland Piano Masterpieces"
AC Adapter Power Cord Headphone Hook
Optional equipment
Size (when the lid is closed)
491 mm
1,180 mm
Dimensions (when the top cover is open)
1,253 mm
LX708-PE, LX708-PW
110.5 kg
243 lbs 10 oz
109.0 kg
240 lbs 5 oz


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