Roland MDS-4V electronic drum kit dedicated drum stand


HK$12,000.00  HK$15,000.00

Special drum stand for V-COMPACT series electronic drum kit

This is Roland's most space-saving drum stand. MDS-4V has a stylish, compact and space-saving appearance, and has metal horizontal joints, which can still provide stability and durability under frequent erection and dismantling. Reduce the balance of the center of gravity and the black shape, while providing stability and a sense of visual cleanliness.

Pipe diameter

38.1 mm; 1-1/2 inches


Pad support x 4

Hi-Hat bracket x 1

Electronic cymbal stand x 2


Drum lock

Wire clamp x 4

Cable tie x 2

Size and weight (the space required for erection, only when the drum stand is used)


1000 mm

39-6/16 inches


700 mm

27-9/16 inches


850 mm

33-1/2 inches


8.5 kg

18 lbs. 12 oz.

Size and weight (including the space required for the installation of sound generator, bass drum board, cymbal and drum chair)


1200 mm

47-1/4 inches


1100 mm

43-5/16 inches


1250 mm

49-1/4 inches

* Weight includes Hi-Hat stand and cymbal stand

* This model is a special tripod designed for TD-15 and TD-11 , without a tray for audio generator.

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